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Marketing Committee Highlight

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Share NAWIC’s Story​

-Sharing historical content on national platforms helps identify patterns that lead to success​
-Deeper appreciation for our origin and mission​

Unite NAWIC’s Stories 
-Continuity and shared purpose, common vision​
-Foster community between National, Regional, and Local NAWIC chapters​
-Showcase success stories and highlight contributions to the AEC Industry​

Be a Character in Other Organization’s Stories​
-Positive impact on the lives and careers of women​
-Serve as role model for other professional organizations​
-Encourage collaborative efforts to drive WIC growth 



Chapter Outreach​

-Build rapport, monthly Marketing Committee Meeting with Regional and Local Chairs​
-You tell us what you would like to see featured, what webinars can we provide?​
-Surveys for content feedback / webinars ​
-How can we support you?​

Strengthen Internal Collaboration and External Partnerships​

Social Media: Increase brand recognition and audience/member engagement​
-3-month look-ahead, share with regional chairs​
-Monthly reshare from Regional/Local Chapters​
-Input from Regional Chairs to achieve national recognition of brand​
Strategic Partnerships: ​
-What platforms are upcoming? ​
-Who are key industry talents we can highlight/ share resources with?​
-What are other national, female-focused groups doing, how can we share resources?​

​How can you deepen our message? How can you support?​
​-Reshare NAWIC National, Regional, and Local Social Media posts​
     -Interesting story, fact, or picture – share with the world!​
-Submit Your Own Content​
     -Email ​
     -Share to us via DM on socials​
-Nominate notable marketing members/chapters​
     -We want to see her win!​
-Follow our social media accounts​


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