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March 23, 2022
Let Data & Analytics Empower Your Results
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As the leading provider of risk solutions to the construction industry. Aon Construction Services Group partners with our clients to provide insightful analysis, strategic direction and creative solutions backed by our dedicated team of construction experts and the strength of Aon's global network. 
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The Kueker Award recognizes an Educator or Advocate who has passion for and dedication to Construction Education. Nominations are open through May 15.
Motus, LLC
Education / Training
In private conversations, my clients proudly discuss their latest accomplishments and professional strengths. They come across with confidence, pride, and power. They know who they are and are comfortable in their own skin. However, that persona often fades away when they share how they feel at work. By now, you likely know that a many of my clients are women working in overly male-populated industries. For all their skills, abilities, and accomplishments, they struggle to reflect that powerful image back to themselves and others.
Your whole organization benefits from visibility into your workforce planning
A better understanding of your team’s capacity can certainly help inform project bidding and eliminate the idle time between projects, but it requires that everyone has the information they need to make the best decisions for your people. Find out what the biggest workforce visibility challenges are facing general contractors and why everyone benefits from increased visibility into the workforce planning.
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Industry Update
Workers who quit jobs last year — churning up the U.S. labor market — blame their departures on low pay, no opportunities for advancement and a feeling of disrespect at work, according to Pew Research Center.
Female workers face barriers such as sexual harassment, bullying and hostility, presenters at a National Association of Women in Construction event said.
Construction may be hard work, but in Katy, Texas, it's also fun. Dig World, a theme park offering child and adult visitors the opportunity to operate authentic heavy machinery, opened last week with a few hiccups.
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