June 2023
Are Financial Planners Stuck in the 1970s?
By Martin Tarlie
To effectively build a portfolio that minimizes the risk of “not having what you need when you need it,” we need models that reflect how financial markets differ from the outdated academic assumptions of market efficiency and random walks. The optimal shortfall glide path offers a solution.
Markets Don’t Care about Your Politics … but Clients May
By Michael Costa
Increasingly, clients bring their politics into conversations about markets and portfolios. This poses challenges because their actions could increase their risk of not achieving their long-term investment goals. Learn two ways to gently push back.
Disrupting Your Client Event Patterns for Greater Inclusivity
By Tracie Patten
To save time, advisors often repeat outreach and event strategies that have worked well. However, given the importance of diversity in helping firms continue to thrive, firms should break the habit of reaching the same people with the same types of speakers and messages.
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One More Thing
By N. Russell Wayne
Sometimes investing isn’t the most important part of our work as financial advisors. That said, let’s look at how some advisors invest. There is room for improvement.
Going Beyond the 529 for More Sophisticated College Planning
By Douglas J. Watts
As financial planners, it is easy to fall into the trap of looking at the estimated budgets for a child's college and then funding 529 plans accordingly. However, the cost of a college education is more complicated than that.
Beyond Personality Assessments: Why Identifying Thinking and Learning Styles is Key for Long-Term Growth
By Jody Jacobson
Being aware of how you and your team members and clients think best and most instinctively is a first step in making choices that can optimize your results and maximize opportunities for growth and long-term success.
Looking Ahead with Keynote Speakers
By Susan Weiner
Members traveled to San Diego in May for the NAPFA Spring Conference. Keynote speakers David Allison, Crystal Washington, and LaVaughn Henry presented wide-ranging ideas about the many challenges facing advisors now and in the future.
NAPFA and the History of Financial Planning: From Salesperson to True Advisor
By Bill Prewitt
In the year of our 40th anniversary, NAPFA is delighted to share this history of NAPFA’s origins. In this article, we hear from Bill Prewitt, a longtime member and volunteer leader of NAPFA.
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Is Your Writing Too Wordy? These 4 Tips Can Help
By Susan Weiner
Investing in Yourself
By Jeff Jones
Lewis and Karen Altfest of Altfest Personal Wealth Management
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