May 2023
Two Changes to Empower Organic Growth
By Angie Herbers
Advisory firms of all sizes must change their perspective to push past potential growth plateaus. One way to do this is to target making mass-affluent clients—those with less than $1 million in AUM—40% of their accounts. Another is to add a new service like tax planning.
Planning for Publicly Funded Long-Term Care Insurance
By Brian Gordon
Long-term care initiatives are on the drawing board in states beyond Washington. Financial planners and those eyeing their retirement alike should stay informed because these state-level programs can have a significant impact on overall long-term care insurance options.
Why RIAs Should Give Annuities Another Look
By Matt Ohme
Managing risks can be critical to seeking desired retirement outcomes. Financial planning software allows professionals to analyze retirement plans—with and without an annuity—to assess an annuity’s impact on risk reduction. A range of commission-free annuities is available.
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants®
Now powered by Gallagher Affinity, Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants assist Fee-Only Advisors and their clients with Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance planning. We also oversee the design, implementation, and administration of Group Insurance Membership Benefits for Associations.
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Term Life Insurance Business in 2023: What It Takes to Capitalize on Current Demand
By Brian Barnes
Consumers wish it were easier to buy term life insurance, and finding improvements to this process can contribute to a financial planner’s ability to retain existing clients and acquire new ones. Offering a streamlined term life application process alongside their traditional financial planning services can help meet client demands. 
Building Trust in the Wild West of Financial Planning
By Mary Malgoire
In the year of our 40th anniversary, NAPFA is delighted to share this history of NAPFA’s origins.In this article, we hear from Mary Malgoire, a founding member of NAPFA and its first female chair.
Create a CEO Week to Boost Your Productivity!
By Valerie A. Rivera
When you are the founder and CEO of your own practice and intend to stay a solo firm with outsourced help, you are ultimately responsible for, well, everything. This can mean your calendar can be color coded to the point where it hurts your head. A fellow advisor introduced me to the concept of a “CEO week,” and it has dramatically changed how I focus my time and energy.
Insurance and the Fee-Only Planner
By Linda Leitz
Some financial advisors say, “If you sell insurance, you sell fear, and if you sell investments, you sell greed.” Fee-Only planners don’t characterize what we do as selling, and we prefer the motivation of meeting goals to greed or fear. But it can be difficult to discuss subjects like disability and death without the client feeling some fear of negative uninsured outcomes.
Growing Up with NAPFA
By Kevin Adler
How the revolutionary idea of Fee-Only, fiduciary financial planning has inspired NAPFA for four decades.
NextStep Portfolios LLC
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Pet Insurance Can Help
By Susan Weiner
Honored to Lead NAPFA!
By Kathryn Dattomo
Michael Leonetti of Fairport Wealth/Leonetti & Associates
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