March 2023
Your Video Assets Need Strategy to Generate ROI
By Kerri Feazell
Creating videos without first having a strategy is a losing approach. Think about why you want to use video, and then create goals tied to the outcomes you desire. The more specific your goals, the easier it will be to measure the success of your video strategy.
How to Move the Needle with Social Media
By Jonny Swift
Using social media helps you to reach prospective clients and hone your brand image, and it’s also less time-consuming than you might think. Investing just 10 to 15 minutes a day can help you create stickier relationships with clients and fill your marketing funnel with ideal prospects.
Loom: Tech Fad or Game-Changer?
By Nick Covyeau
Many new technologies make big claims about their ability to improve your life. Learn five compelling reasons why you should consider adding Loom, a video messaging tool designed to help you communicate with your clients and prospects more efficiently and effectively through instantly shareable videos.
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Creating Content That Supports a Scalable Client Communications Experience
By Zoë Meggert
Creating content that’s designed specifically for the clients you already work with and enjoy will help you to build relationships with existing clients, even if your time is limited, and also will attract more ideal clients by addressing “pain points” that existing clients have communicated.
An Annual Tradition: Birthday Letters to My Grandchildren
By Lydia Sheckels
If you have someone special in your life with whom you want to share your memories, start by putting your thoughts together—you don’t need a memory box to share your feelings!
Cash Flow Rules That Help Clients Reach Their Goals
By Linda Leitz
When we engage in the financial planning process with clients, we need to gather adequate data. Determining a spending pattern can tell us a lot about our clients—and having accurate information is integral to valid financial planning. We can use processes, apps, and outside experts to help us gather this important information.
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Heifer Foundation

Members Skeptical but Interested in AI Writing Tools
By Susan Weiner
Someone’s Turning the Big Four-Oh This Year
By Jeff Jones, NAPFA Chair
Ben Beck of Beck Bode LLC
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