November 2022
How to help your clients with the older-adult housing decision
By Rick Miller and Laura Williams
Helping clients make decisions about older-adult housing can reduce the risk of a bad outcome. Financial advisors are often well-positioned to encourage their clients to think about the future, including the possibility of needing care.
Health savings accounts: planning opportunities and pitfalls
By Alyssa Yocom and Janelle Woods
Many advisors and clients with health savings accounts (HSAs) aren’t as familiar as they should be with the planning opportunities and pitfalls of these accounts. Don’t miss opportunities for wealth enhancement with HSAs.
Make the most of your clients’ after-tax retirement plan contributions
By Steven Jarvis
Big numbers and catchy headlines are great conversation starters but often become distractions from what works for most people in practice. It’s important to ensure that clients maximize their employee contributions before making after-tax contributions.
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants®
Now powered by Gallagher Affinity, Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants assist Fee-Only Advisors and their clients with Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance planning. We also oversee the design, implementation, and administration of Group Insurance Membership Benefits for Associations.
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5 considerations when proposing cash balance plans to clients 
By Jerry Cicalese
Cash balance plans have eclipsed traditional defined benefit plans in popularity since the Pension Protection Act passed in 2006. Here are five considerations for advisors when proposing cash balance plans to your clients. 
Optimizing your self-employed business clients’ Social Security benefits while minimizing their tax liability
By Martha Shedden
As fee-only financial professionals, you are perfectly positioned to offer your self-employed business owner clients in their 50s a Social Security analysis that can help them identify the optimal strategy to balance their remaining years of earnings, payroll taxes paid, and Social Security benefits received.
Women Wise: The Essential Guide to Financial and Lifestyle Decisions as We Age by Eleanor Blayney, CFP® and Marjorie Fox, CFP®
By Lazetta Rainey Braxton
Women Wise
openly and candidly maps key areas of financial planning for single women navigating retirement and aging. From facing reality about getting older to concrete research and guidance on end-of-life matters, Blayney and Fox demonstrate how they practice what they preach as practitioners in their own lives. 
Run your practice better with insights from the NAPFA Fall Conference
By Susan Weiner
Attendees at the NAPFA Fall Conference in Denver in October learned about diverse topics that can help them help their clients and run their practices more efficiently and effectively. Here are highlights from several sessions.
5 ways to manage fractured focus in your business
By Cameo Roberson
There comes a moment in every firm’s evolution when client needs, the demands of the practice, and what other firms are doing shift your focus. You try to do too many things at once, so your attention becomes divided across multiple areas. If you’re experiencing this, there are ways to get back on track.
Incorporating tax preparation or tax planning into your practice: the good, the bad, the ugly
By Luis Rosa
Financial advisors often make recommendations to their clients that will have tax implications down the line, such as Roth IRA conversions and selling appreciated assets. If you’re thinking of incorporating tax planning and/or tax preparation at your firm, these are some things you should consider.

Reading about old age
By Susan Weiner
I’ll huff and puff and blow your retirement down
By Jeff Jones, NAPFA Chair
Lisa Neira of RegentAtlantic
NAPFA interim CEO, NAPFA Large Firm Forum, BLatinX internships,
NAPFA Board of Directors nominations, and more in the November issue.
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