June 12, 2024
Investing in Your Team: The Art of Effective Leadership
By Daniel Kopp, MA, MS, CFP®
In a world filled with overwhelming amounts of advice, tips, or strategies for leadership, it’s not surprising there are differences of opinion when it comes to how to lead effectively. A military-created framework can help leaders develop a culture of leadership and implement effective feedback in an ongoing process.
Capture Higher Bond Yields Before a Rate Cut With Term Maturity ETFs
By Karen Veraa, CFA
A combination of rising short-term yields and geopolitical uncertainty has triggered a flight to cash, and money market fund assets rose sharply in 2023. Against this backdrop, advisors may consider recommending clients step out of cash and into term maturity bond ETFs to seek to capture higher yields for longer periods of time while limiting exposure to any single cash product.  
Is Private Credit’s Moment Just Getting Started? How to Navigate the Risks Ahead
By Jonathan Schonberg
Since 2007, alternatives have earned broad RIA acceptance and enjoyed staggering AUM growth. Even a skeptic would be hard-pressed to argue this huge influx of dollars and players in the space has been anything but a positive for RIAs, their clients, and small mid-market businesses and their workers.
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants®
Now powered by Gallagher Affinity, Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants assist Fee-Only Advisors and their clients with Life, Disability, Errors & Omissions, Cyber Liability and Long-Term Care insurance planning. We also oversee the design, implementation, and administration of Group Insurance Membership Benefits for NAPFA members and their employees.
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Don’t Let DEI Die
By Yonhee Choi Gordon
Individuals and companies that embrace color blindness are ignoring the problems of racial inequity and the lack of diversity that exist in the corporate world. Conversely, by addressing the topic of race head-on—by being color brave—the business community can benefit tremendously by incorporating diverse viewpoints.
Investment Strategies
By Linda Leitz
Some financial advisors believe when they provide investment management, they are doing financial planning. CFP® professionals realize investment work is a key part—but not the only part—of integrated financial planning. An intentional and intelligent approach to investments is important. And there are various ways to approach this part of our discipline.
Kiva Capital
Dimensional Fund Advisors

Texas Republic Management

The Value of Investing
By Daphne Jordan
Marianela Collado of Tobias Financial Advisors
NAPFA Spring 2024 National Conference Roundup
That’s a wrap on the conference in Fort Worth! We’re thankful for everyone’s participation in making it a great success. Are you thinking about attending our future events? From expert insights and valuable connections to the latest industry trends, hear what our recent attendees had to say about their experiences.