February 14, 2024
Recruiting New Financial Planners to Your Firm
By Daniel Yerger
It's common to hear a firm owner remark on the difficulty of finding new financial planners on the same day that you hear a financial planning student complain about how hard it is to find a place to start their career. Learn how to close that gap to hire planners who will fit well with your firm. 
Reviewing Estate Plans for Planning Opportunities
By Alyssa Dalbey
The estate planning process is not done on the day a client’s trust is drafted or funded. Rather, estate planning requires continuous review and modifications—just like a financial plan. Ongoing estate plan reviews can also identify potential planning opportunities for advisors.
International Clients: Don’t Dabble, Refer
By Raoul Rodriguez
Sometimes, good intentions and a little knowledge are dangerous. This is especially true when working with clients with significant financial entanglements outside the U.S. It’s important to get expert advice and, in some cases, give up clients to pursue their best interests. 
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants®
Now powered by Gallagher Affinity, Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants assist Fee-Only Advisors and their clients with Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance planning. We also oversee the design, implementation, and administration of Group Insurance Membership Benefits for NAPFA members and their employees.
Learn about your NAPFA benefits.
Engaging Women’s Wealth through Inclusive Family Meetings
By Cassandra Smalley
Studies have shown that women control over 85% of consumer spending decisions.Yet, it is not uncommon for the man in the relationship to take the lead role over the investments while the woman often delegates to her partner, preferring to be less involved.
Tough Conversations
By Linda Leitz
Estate planning is a relevant element of financial planning. While we don’t prepare the legal documents that put estate planning strategies in place to protect our clients, we can address issues such as tax efficiency, charitable intent, and the orderly transfer of wealth to heirs as part of estate planning.
Kiva Capital


A Warm Welcome and Introduction
By Out and About Communications
Death and Taxes
By Daphne Jordan
Michele Clark, Acropolis Investment Management
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