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The Certified Paralegal (CP) Exam consists of two sections: the Knowledge Exam and the Skills Exam. The Knowledge Exam is comprised of nine parts, which are all different areas of law a paralegal should understand. NALA released on-demand webinars for each of those nine parts for aspiring CPs to use as a study tool. If you'd like to take the CP Exam, but you're not sure what to study, these webinars are a great resource. For an introduction to what to expect in each webinar, you can watch the series of videos on our YouTube channel. There is one for each of the nine sections. Beneath each video is a link to the on-demand webinar for that section. If you'd like to study all nine sections, we offer a discount for purchasing the on-demand webinar bundle. It's an incredible 50% off! With that good of a deal, you do not want to miss out! Go ahead and purchase it here.


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