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Every year, NALA publishes four quarterly magazines called Facts & Findings. These contain articles written by NALA members, Certified Paralegals, and experts in their fields. The January 2023 edition of Facts & Findings comes with a bonus issue: Career 101. Both Facts & Findings and Career 101 are benefits of NALA membership. Non-members can gain access with a one-year subscription for $35 or a two-year subscription for $50. Click here to subscribe.

This year’s Career 101 is chock-full of career advice and important, relevant information for paralegals across the country. Whether you are looking for your first paralegal position or are a seasoned paralegal, the 18 articles in the Career 101 issue are great resources. 2023’s issue covers career advancement, teaching, volunteering, getting a job, getting better at your job, and making your job easier. There is even information geared toward students. Make Facts & Findings Career 101 your one-stop shop for the resources that can make your career soar in 2023. All NALA members can quickly access the Career 101 Bonus Edition through their NALA account. 


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