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Paralegal Voice Podcast

No matter if you are new to the profession or a seasoned vet, paralegal professionals can never know too much.

Guest Cathy L. Davis is an assistant professor and department chair of the criminal justice and legal studies programs at Alabama’s Faulkner University. She is a champion of continuing education and the lifelong pursuit of new skills.

Make your job your passion, and make learning your passion. Lexus, Clio, Mycase, Microsoft Office, local paralegal associations, and others all offer opportunities to learn and demonstrate competencies. Get every certification you can.

For those new to the business, start with:

  • Professionalism: Be organized, manage time, and listen.
  • Writing matters: Hone your skills. Really work on your writing.
  • Research skills: Go beyond traditional sources, even social media counts.
  • Preserve and protect data: Evidence and research are crucial.

Offer to attend hearings or assist at the courthouse, even if some tasks are outside your scope. Consider volunteering at a legal aid office, a neighborhood association, or community cause. Ever thought about teaching or speaking at a local college? Never stand still.

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