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Meet Your 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2022 NALA Election!

Your 2022-2023 Board of Directors are:

Debra L. Overstreet, ACP – President

Cheryl J. Nodarse, ACP – Vice President

Peonca S. Grier, CP – Secretary

Debby J. Sawyer, ACP – Treasurer

Bridget M. Stuhr, ACP – Affiliated Associations Director

Dana G. Welcker, ACP – Area 1 Director

Angela A. Oberle, ACP – Area 2 Director

Vicki L. Kasper, ACP – Area 3 Director

Richard Hahn, ACP – At Large Director

Cassie D. Snyder, ACP – At Large Director

Deana M. Waters, ACP – Continuing Education Council Chair

Kelly S. Elder, ACP – Professional Development Committee Chair

Lisa M. Stone, ACP – Certifying Board Chair

Vanessa Finley, MBA, CAE – Chief Executive Officer


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