Advisor November/December 2015
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Featured in Advisor Today
Making the most of NAIFA's resources has enriched the life of NAIFA President Jules Gaudreau and helped him achieve a high degree of professional success.
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Highlights from the 2015 Career Conference and Annual Meeting.
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Your biggest responsibility as an advisor is to protect clients from themselves.
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More from the Current Issue of AT
Advisor Today isn't limited to the hardcopy publication you're accustomed to—there's also a wealth of resources at your fingertips. The magazine's companion website,, welcomes 4,500 of your financial advisor peers every month. Are you joining in on the conversation?

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Podcast Series
The strategies used by financial advisor Brock Jolly to build his College-Funding Practice will serve you well, no matter the area of your practice.

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Unnamed Zone
First, determine your prospect's pains and needs.
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How to stay above the fray while keeping your character and integrity in shape.
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Data management questions that everyone must address in the Digital Age.
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