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In September, I attended MPISCC's first virtual Book Club on "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas. If you haven’t heard about this book (or movie) yet, I’d definitely recommend you check it out. Based on true events, the storyline offers the insightful perspective of a 16-year-old Black girl who witnesses a white police officer shoot and kill her childhood friend –  an act that was rooted in systemic racism.
Last month, I attended the MPISCC virtual Game Show Mash Up – one of the biggest, loudest and funniest game nights online. Even on a Wednesday night, they managed to completely engage the crowd with #Eventprof trivia, great cocktails, and good old friendly competition!
Welcome to The Great Reset
We surpassed the unemployment of The Great Recession. In two weeks. For our economy and our society, we need to flatten The Slump.

As the surreal impact of the global pandemic sinks in, we can all be forgiven if we feel suddenly thrust into a dystopian science fiction movie. When it comes to work and our economies, what I call The Great Reset has accelerated so many tech-fueled trends, the list grows daily. To paraphrase scifi author William Gibson, The future of work is here. It’s just not evenly distributed.
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The Independent & Small Business Owners (ISBO) community consists of small business owners, freelancers, independent meeting professionals and others who work within the meetings and events industry. The community was formed to meet the needs of MPI members who self-identify as being in this industry segment. While our job descriptions are varied, we all share the common goal of owning our businesses – whether they are at the planner or supplier end of the spectrum. 
To better serve you, the ISBO needs your participation and feedback!
Interested in becoming a member of the ISBO Advisory Board or other Global Volunteer Committees?
Sign up here. Deadline for applications is November 8, 2020, so please don’t miss the opportunity!
We have several projects on the horizon that will be unveiled soon – stay tuned for more updates in coming months!

Support MPISCC as we partner with a Black-owned business to bring you this fun and comfortable face mask. MPISCC is committed to supporting our members during this difficult time, this is why 100% of our proceeds will benefit member programming. Contact us at for more info or to place an order today!

For the last seven months, Hollywood, like the rest of the world, has been adjusting to the local restrictions on live events. In doing so, they have uncovered new ways to give attendees a front row seat to entertainment and activities that may not have been accessible in the past. My colleagues at WarnerMedia have been leading the way with virtual and online content, successfully holding multiple virtual premieres and after parties for various TV shows.
Industry News
Sorting through what the meetings and events industry can expect from the conclusion of one of the more important elections in recent American history.
While the verdict of a recent survey indicates many exhibitors would prefer an in-person event, the results also indicate myriad possibilities for improving the virtual experience for everyone involved.
Gleaned through more than half a year's worth of experience navigating the complexities and uncertanties that come with hosting a virtual event, here are a few best practices for getting your digital gathering off to the best possible start.
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