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MPISCC Member Milestone: Jaki Baskow

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MPISCC: Tell us about YOU! 

JB: I moved to Las Vegas from New Jersey to work for a movie studio in 1976. Currently, I am celebrating 45 award-winning years in business. I have hired everyone from Keven Costner to Dr. Oz and Daymon John, as well as many others for the past several years.

I am in business and love to pay it forward. I’ve also produced celebrity golfers and talent for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for 11 years. 

I opened a talent agency with $300. I then opened the Las Vegas Speakers Bureau, followed by a Destination Management Company (DMC). I have been blessed to book amazing storytellers and speakers. Three years ago, I sold the DMC, but have kept my Talent Agency and Speakers Bureau. Over the years, I’ve grown from a $300.00 business to a $20-million dollar company, a few years ago. Currently, I have four employees and am working to maintain lower costs so I can pass on my buying power and savings to our clients.

I’ve traveled the world with my clients. Recently, I’ve started booking celebrities for Italian television and was named one of the Top 10 Star Brokers in the World by Discovery Channel. I work in a few worlds of entertainment, movies, television, and keynote speakers. I love providing cool things for meetings, events, and tradeshows. I try to bring unique, memorable experiences to my clients. It’s all about how you leave people feeling. 



MPISCC: How did you become involved with MPI and the Southern California Chapter?

JB: I always wanted to be a part of an organization with these amazing meeting planners. I’ve loved networking and learning from your events throughout my career. 


MPISCC: What is it about the organization and the chapter that has encouraged you to continue your membership? 

JB: The networking opportunities and accreditation, while also knowing that you are working with professionals. 

MPISCC: What are your proudest moments or accomplishments?

JB: My proudest moment, personally, was that I worked on my dad’s cold case for over 50 years, keeping his memory alive.I pass on to others that it’s ok to grieve, but we need to be survivors and not victims after we lose a loved one.

Professionally, I appreciate every instance where I can change one person’s life, one day at a time by creating memorable experiences. I was also proud to be honored for “women of the year”, receiving acknowledgement for something I love to do. 

MPISCC: Please share a fond memory or accomplishment with the chapter. 

JB: I had a great time and a lot of fun when I was able to donate a drum group to one of  our meetings. Watching everyone release stress and enjoy a bonding experience was wonderful. 


MPISCC: What advice would you share with new members about getting the most out of their membership? 

JB: Show up at  meetings, network, reach out and don’t be afraid to learn from your competitors and peers. 




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