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The fun is not over yet! Make the absolute most of your trip here on this final day. The Expo Floor and On-Floor Education Seminars are still going strong -- and will be all day. The Expo Floor will be open from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and, did I mention there are more than 925 exhibitors? That is a LOT of knowledge, insight and networking opportunities, all at your fingertips. The On-Floor Education Seminars will start at 10:30 a.m., with the last ones wrapping up at 1:30 p..m. 

During the course of MODEX, our video crew has been interviewing keynotes, talking to exhibitors, getting feedback from attendees and sharing their view of the action at MODEX.

The videos have been emailed out daily, but you can also access them at this link to catch up on what you missed or to see the latest clips.

Emulate3D Ltd.
Engineering Innovation
Conference News
Thursday, April 12, 2018 Industry Tours Select students and instructors will climb aboard pre-arranged ground transportation departing from Georgia World Congress Center to see real world applications at facilities using state-of-the-art material handling and supply chain technologies.
Planning for the Warehouse of the Future
From demographic shifts and increasing urbanization to drones and 3D printing, social and technology changes are putting pressure on supply chain managers to move goods closer to consumers and develop warehouses with the flexibility and speed to support local, faster delivery through multiple channels. Our new white paper analyzes trends and provides a vision for how emerging automation solutions will help the industry meet the demands of the future
Keynotes, Sessions & Seminars
This year at MODEX we’re introducing the MODEX Backyard. Basically, the concept is to bring some of the outside inside. It’s gonna be a backyard! It will be populated with entertainment like games, giveaways, music and more. There will also be real fake grass and food trucks! Outside inside, all day long. Plus you could win a $1,000 American Express gift card! Also, check out the options at the on-floor MODEX Bistro.
See where everything is located at the Georgia World Congress Center for MODEX 2018 and the Georgia Logistics Summit, being held April 9-12, 2018. Check out the Show Floor Map too!
Interroll Corporation
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EXPO HOURS10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
ON-FLOOR EDUCATION SEMINARS: Starting at 10:30 a.m.   

The Q2 2018 issue of MHI Solutions focuses on the supply chain workforce, including finding, retaining and unleashing the talent that is out there. To tackle the growing challenge of securing the right talent to effectively implement new technologies, firms must collaborate with industry associations, universities and career and technical education programs to develop the next generation supply chain workforce. This workforce will look very different as supply chains increasingly require purple people—those with business acumen (blue) and technical (red) skills—to leverage digital technologies and take full advantage of the business opportunities they offer.

Full Spectrum of Safety, Security, and Productivity Solutions for Your Facility
Rite Hite Corporation
Rite-Hite has the comprehensive portfolio of facility solutions you need to keep your people safe, your products moving, and your costs down. From the loading dock to the heart of your operation and all points in between, we have you covered. Visit us at Modex booth #1747 or learn more at
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Daily Schedule
This year at MODEX 2018, 900 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government will display their supply chain solutions and innovations on the 280,000-square-foot show floor. To help you get to know the MODEX exhibitors, we’ve given them one minute to connect with you! These one minute to connect videos range from serious to comical, each with their own personality and strategy to get you to visit their booth. The video with the most votes wins!
Connect with other MODEX attendees, and get the lastest show news, information and developments. Use the hashtag #MODEXShow when tweeting and follow @PoweredbyMHI for show information, photos and specials.
Videos & Sponsors
During MHI Industry Night, just prior to Jim Gaffigan taking the stage, the 2018 MHI Innovation Award Winners were announced as well as the MHI Young Professional Award winners.
Innovation Awards
Best Innovation of an Existing Product
ELOKON GmbH, ELOShield Poximity Detection System
Best IT Innovation
Yard Management Solutions, Eagle Eye Yard Management Software
Best New Innovation
The Raymond Corporation, Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator
MHI Young Professional Award (YPN)
Outstanding Young Professional
Brian C Neuwirth, Unex Manufacturing
Mentor Award
James J, Radous III, UniCarriers Americas
The MHI 2018 Annual Industry Report was officially released Wednesday morning at MODEX 2018. This report details the trends and technologies that are transforming supply chains so we can better understand the critical shift toward next-generation (NextGen) digital supply chains – and the real-world impact of 11 key innovations on supply chain operations and strategies. Scott Sopher, the principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP's Supply Chain practice, joined George W. Prest, CEO of MHI, in presenting the findings and moderating a panel of manufacturing and supply chain leaders on the report's findings. They were joined by a panel of manufacturing and supply chain professionals to discuss the real-world significance of the report findings.
"If the message we deliver isn’t fun, sticky and engaging, we are just talking to ourselves." While this comment from Mike Rowe wasn’t the introduction, but rather the wrap up to his hilarious and enlightening keynote, it sure helps you understand why pixilation, poo and coins were part of his stories. Anyone who attended will likely remember these comments made by Rowe, which means they "stuck" and means Rowe certainly was not talking to himself! "It was like I hit a button..." and "When you talk about the coin, do you only talk about the tail and not the head?" and "What if it was more than one pixel?"
If your cheeks were sore when you left MHI Industry Night, it was probably because Jim Gaffiigan kept an almost constant smile on your face with his enormous number of incredibly funny jokes. Almost more amazing was he managed to stay clear of politics, religion and sex – though embarrassing bodily fluids, not so lucky. He even took a twist down American history lane, though "forgot the Alamo." Some of the other topics that had the crowd laughing ranged from discussions about Florida to diarrhea to marathons to castles and cheese.
"If you are not evolving and not innovating, you are going backward." This comment by Jon Slangerup reflects what every business has common, and is what drives businesses to continue to address their challenges and find solutions. Both the challenges and the solutions were part of the discussion at the "Challenges in the Logistics Workforce" session in the Transportation & Logistics Solutions Theater on Wednesday.