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Conference Coverage: MHI Industry Night with Jim Gaffigan

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If your cheeks were sore when you left MHI Industry Night, it was probably because Jim Gaffiigan kept an almost constant smile on your face with his enormous number of incredibly funny jokes. Almost more amazing was he managed to stay clear of politics, religion and sex – though embarrassing bodily fluids, not so lucky. He even took a twist down American history lane, though "forgot the Alamo." Some of the other topics that had the crowd laughing ranged from discussions about Florida to diarrhea to marathons to castles and cheese. And, here are some of the lines that had the sold-out crowd roaring: 

· We’re down to earth people, we just have a lot more earth.
· Hey, you’re kind of hard to look at, can I do your portrait?
· That looks like your nephew Eddie.
· Completely available, just not interested.
· Excuse me sir, do you know her?
· They seem happy. What’s an extra plane ticket?
· You like photography? Then I have job for you.
· You can just chalk that up -- one for fun. 

Jim Gaffigan is a Grammy nominated comedian, actor, writer, producer, two time New York Times best-selling author, top touring performer, and multi-platinum-selling father of five. He is known around the world for his unique brand of humor which largely revolves around fatherhood and his observations on life and food. 

A portion of MHI Industry Night ticket sales were donated to the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (MHEFI), which equated to $45,000 this year!


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