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Member Update

Time and spaces are running out for next month’s CEC 10-day Gold Seal Accredited Project Management Course. We have just three spaces remaining!

Scheduled for February 7-10, CEC’s brand new Advanced Project Management course will prepare seasoned project managers for future advancement and increased responsibilities. The program was created to build off the highly successful 10-day program. The course will provide 28 hours of Gold Seal accredited industry-specific, advanced level project management training.

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) was pleased to award 14 scholarships to deserving students across Canada, amounting to $25,000 in financial assistance. The scholarships were awarded as part of the Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series, recently renamed to recognize the work of the association’s past CEO.


Bankruptcy law affects the construction industry more than most. That is why the construction industry needs to know about subtle changes in bankruptcy law that have put the industry at a disadvantage relative to other creditors, most notable banks.


Canadian companies have a mistaken belief that they're too small or insignificant to be a target.

“Unimpressive track record can be attributed to various internal and external challenges: the persistent fragmentation of the industry, inadequate collaboration with suppliers and contractors, the difficulties in recruiting a talented workforce, and insufficient knowledge transfer from project to project, to name just a few.” says CCI chair John Bockstael.

Buildings are already being painted white to help keep them cool. As temperatures increase, this new addition to the paint could help lower our massive air conditioning energy use.


Click below for the latest prompt payment in the construction industry payment tables.

Statistics Canada says the country’s job market bounced back last month from August with a gain of 63,000 positions, edging the unemployment rate lower to 5.9 percent.

1733: France declares war on Austria over the question of Polish succession.
1789: In Versailles France, Joseph Guillotin says the most humane way of carrying out a death sentence is decapitation by a single blow of a blade.
1845: The U.S. Naval Academy is founded at Annapolis, Md.
1911: The Panama Canal opens.
1941: Soviet troops halt the German advance on Moscow.
1953: The Mutual Defense Treaty between the U.S. and South Korea is signed.
1970: The Quebec Provincial Minister of Labour, Pierre Laporte, is kidnapped by terrorists.
1971: The London Bridge, built in 1831 and dismantled in 1967, reopens in Lake Havusu City, Arizona, after being sold to Robert P. McCulloch and moved to the United States.
1985: An Egyptian plane carrying hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise ship is intercepted by US Navy F-14s and forced to land at a NATO base in Sicily.
2008: Orakzai bombing takes place in Afghanistan: members of the Taliban drive an explosive-laden truck into a meeting of 600 people discussing ways to rid their area of the Taliban; the bomb kills 110.


The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating Exposition (CIPHEX) West will return to Calgary, AB, on November 7 and 8. The trade show features more than 250 global exhibitors. It will focus on plumbing, hydronics, HVAC/R and water treatment.




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