KSHE Update
President's Message
 Joe Taylor, President
Hoping you all have enjoyed a rest and family-filled Christmas, and are as excited as I am about what lies ahead for 2020. Happy New Year! I am taking the opportunity to re-read the bestselling book Good to Great by Jim Collins, and would encourage you each to give it a look before the new year becomes “just another year!” It is helping me focus on what’s really achievable this next year as I apply some of the findings about leaders and leadership to my own work at Owensboro Health.
Education and Training
Mike Canales, VP Education
READY OR NOT, 2020 HERE WE GO! If you are like me, the change of a decade may have you wondering, where have the years gone and just how short life is.  Sorry for waxing a bit philosophically on the opening of this education update!  2020 is looking to be another big year for KSHE education opportunities.   We plan to build on many things we did in 2019 with the additional effort of improving quality, access, and variety.
The orientation of technicians, outside vendors and contractors in healthcare is not only a safety issue, it is required for accreditation with organizations such as The Joint Commission. Safe Day One is an online healthcare facilities orientation & safety training. It’s not enough to be safe one day; we must be safe day one.
$129 a person and earns you 6 contact hours
DLOM Group
As the only authorized Cat® dealership
Whayne Cat formerly Walker Machinery Co.
As the only authorized Cat® dealership in the region, we are equipped to meet your needs with genuine Cat engines and generators sets. We also provide the power generator service that a wide variety of industries trust and rely on. Power outages don’t stick to a 9am to 5pm work schedule. That’s why we are ready to back you up with round-the-clock expert generator service and repair.
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Kentucky Spotlight
The federal FY2020 budget includes funds for construction of the Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Louisville.
ASHE Update
Health Facilities Management
The president of the American Society for Health Care Engineering looks back on ASHE's accomplishments in 2019.
Health Facilities Management
The American Society for Health Care Engineering has weighed in regarding best practices for tamper-resistant receptacles in patient rooms.
Schardein Mechanical
Your Facilities Management News
Health Facilities Management
Key leadership attributes for facility managers include preparation, persistence, and problem-solving.
Healthcare Facilities Today
In a blog post, The Joint Commission has clarified requirements regarding the reduction of ligature risk in hospitals.
A new survey reveals optimism among facility managers concerning their ability to add staff as well as with regard to budget increases.
Sustainability Spotlight
Christy Fetsch, Vendor Representative – Sustainability
In healthcare, revenue generating departments show their value by how they contribute to the margin.  But non-revenue generating departments -- like facilities operations -- must measure their value in other ways, such as uninterrupted service, inspections, and customer feedback. With the help of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program, facilities operations can translate energy cost savings into equivalent impact on the operating margin. Energy savings is bottom line profit that positively contributes to the mission of organizations.
Annually ASHE hosts a competition among hospitals and other healthcare facilities to save energy and protect the climate, known as Energy to Care. To create local interest, KSHE has created its own competition, The Energy Derby, to increase efforts in hospitals statewide to reduce excessive energy use. Energy reduction is driven through improvements in energy efficiency with help from KSHE, ASHE, and the Energy to Care program. The member facilities that shed the most energy consumption will be recognized.
In 2019, KSHE is offering energy benchmarking support and a free energy assessment to members to assist facilities that may be limited on resources.
Click here to request KSHE help to benchmark your member facility, update your data, and help you take home the prize!
UCSF Magazine
Health care facilities can play a key role in helping the U.S. reduce its carbon footprint, experts say.
Newer and more environmentally friendly solutions are available for dealing with snow and ice management.
Social Media
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The orientation of technicians and contractors in healthcare is a patient safety issue that we should all be talking about. Help us get the word out, and let us know how Safe Day One has helped your facility. Please share your experiences with us at info@safedayone.org and follow us today!
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