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President's Message

Greetings KSHE Members and Friends,

Spring has finally arrived in Kentucky, and boy am I glad. I’ve actually seen blue skies in Owensboro for three days in a row. What we will NOT do in this month’s President’s letter is talk about March madness. Instead – like most others across our nation - we will patiently “WAIT ‘TIL NEXT YEAR!”

Your KSHE Board has had a very active winter. Our Membership VP, Andy Woommavovah, and his directors are working hard to increase the value of your KSHE membership. Membership is now for your entire organization not for only a few individuals. Now, every team member in your organization can be listed under your master account and have access to all the benefits once reserved for only leadership, and at a much lower cost. Some of the benefits include:

  • Six (or more) free lunch & learn type webex’s
  • Annual scholarships
  • Top-notch national Codes & Standards speakers
  • Access to free energy monitoring and energy reduction consulting services
  • Editable documents to assist your organization in its journey toward improved patient safety
  • Annual Healthcare Coalition Conference
  • Local sponsorship of the ASHE Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager (CHFM) class and examination
  • more coming
Kentucky’s Accredited Environmental Microbiological Laboratory
Environmental Safety Technologies, Inc.
Environmental Safety Technologies is a full service Industrial Hygiene firm, an AIHA Accredited Environmental Microbiological Laboratory and CDC ELITE Legionella laboratory. We provide consultation to healthcare facilities regarding healthcare construction, infection prevention and Legionella risk assessments.
Make your Legionella Water Management Plan GREAT, Validate!
Education and Training
Greetings KSHE Members,

Spring is a wonderful reminder of new growth and opportunities in front of us. I would like to share with you the opportunities your KSHE Board has in store for you and recognize the unique benefit KSHE and ASHE recently implemented for those who were current with Safe Day One(formerly known as CHT).
The Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers is now accepting applications from students attending or who have been accepted into a Kentucky based University or College in either a 2-year or 4-year undergraduate program.
The orientation of technicians, outside vendors and contractors in healthcare is not only a safety issue, it is required for accreditation with organizations such as The Joint Commission. Safe Day One is an online healthcare facilities orientation & safety training. It’s not enough to be safe one day; we must be safe day one.

$129 a person and earns you 6 contact hours
Kentucky Spotlight
St. Joseph Health London is seeking donations from the local community to support its efforts to have its own neonatal intensive care unit.
Becker's Health IT & CIO Report
A statewide data-sharing network among hospitals holds the potential to improve coordination of care. More than 30 hospitals are set to join the network, while Hardin Memorial Hospital already is using the data-sharing tool.
DLOM Group
Kentucky Hospital Association
Registration is now open for the Kentucky Hospital Association's 90th Annual Convention, which will be held May 8-10 at Lexington Center/Hyatt Regency in Lexington.
Answers to commonly asked question about the Healthcare Facilities Technician certificate.
ASHE Update
Health Facilities Management
According to the 2019 ASHE Hospital Construction Survey, 45 percent of respondents indicated that their facility had faced cost increases as a result of a construction code interpretation issue within the past three years.
Health Facilities Management
The American Society for Health Care Engineering's advocacy task force has developed a new tool to help facility managers in their decision-making process regarding which testing and inspection requirements can be handled in-house.
Naylor Association Solutions
Your Facilities Management News
Healthcare Design
By their nature, emergency departments present a number of unique design challenges, but exploring successful case studies and best practices can help.
Health Facilities Management
Trends for plumbing products include designs intended to improve infection prevention and conserve water.
Health Facilities Management
Involving the environmental services department at an early stage in the design process can pay dividends later on, especially with regard to flooring and other surfaces.
Sustainability Spotlight
The first annual KSHE Energy Derby, a statewide competition among hospitals and other healthcare facilities to save energy and protect the climate, has come to a close and the winners will be announced at the 2019 HCC! It's now time to join the 2019 KSHE Energy Derby! Competitors will work off excessive energy use through improvements in energy efficiency with help from KSHE, ASHE, and the Energy to Care program. The facilities that shed the most energy consumption will be recognized as the winners. KSHE is offering prizes and recognition to members who help their buildings become top energy and water savers!
When done thoughtfully, "going green" can lead to large efficiencies for organizations.
While the Green New Deal resolution as a whole has been controversial, the provision to reduce building emissions highlights an area that's been receiving increasing legislative attention.
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