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Greetings KSHE Members,

Spring is a wonderful reminder of new growth and opportunities in front of us. I would like to share with you the opportunities your KSHE Board has in store for you and recognize the unique benefit KSHE and ASHE recently implemented for those who were current with Safe Day One(formerly known as CHT).

Your KSHE Board has budgeted for ten $500 scholarships for members who enroll in the Healthcare Facilities Technician(HFT) academic credential at Owensboro Community & Technical College. The HFT program is projected to launch this August upon receiving 50 applicants. Please contact me (Mike Canales) for details about the Healthcare Facilities Technician program and read the HFL Update in this newsletter. Stay tuned for more details on how to apply for the HFT Scholarship.

On May 10th the first of three Certified Healthcare Contractor seminars will be held in Lexington at Baptist Health. This comprehensive training is designed for any contractor lead, supervisor, or coordinator that works in any type healthcare facility. With the growing expectations for credentialing contractors and increased outpatient regulation, the CHC serves as a perfect way to understand the unique issues within healthcare while increasing patient safety. The two other CHCs to be held this year will be September 16th in Louisville and December 6th in Ashland. Please go to www.KSHE.org to register.

On May 30 & 31, those seeking to prepare and/or take the nationally recognized AHA’s Certified Healthcare Facility Manager(CHFM) certification can sign up and attend the training on May 30th and then sit for the exam on May 31st. Because this opportunity does not come around very often, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this unique close to home opportunity.

In recent weeks, those of you who have taken and are up to date with Safe Day One (formerly CHT) have received notification that you will be issued the new ASHE Certified Healthcare Physical Environment Worker(CHPEW) certification by just applying, no test required. This unique opportunity was as a result of a collaboration effort between ASHE and KSHE in support of the value and quality that Safe Day One (SD1) has brought to the profession. This unique opportunity only extends to those that have taken SD1 prior; going forward, an exam must be taken to earn the CHPEW credential. Safe Day One is an ASHE-recommended prep course for CHPEW.

It is the KSHE board’s hope that you not only see the value of being a KSHE member, but that you are proud to be part of KSHE as a member and can share with your organization’s leadership the importance, value, and service we are providing the profession, your organization, and the patients we serve!

We look forward to your participation in the many opportunities close to home!


Mike, VP KSHE Education – mike.canales@kctcs.edu
Go to www.KSHE.org for more details.