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Tuesday Theme: EMSO Playbook

Each day of the AOC Symposium centers on a theme. Today's sessions, for example, are focused around the EMSO Playbook theme. To help you get your mind tuned into this theme, we're going to pose some brief questions that may provide some reference for the presentations and panelists you will hear today.

1) The EMSO playbook is driven by the National Defense Strategy. But how do the warfighter, the Services and Industry think about EMSO?

2) What are the EMSO challenges facing US allies and security partners and are they different than the EMSO challenges faced by the US? If so, how might the EMSO Playbook reflect these differences?

3) How does JADC2 fit into the EMSO playbook?

4) How does supply chain policy support the EMSO playbook?

5) What are the upsides and downsides of technology standards, such as SOSA, FACE and CMOSS?

6) How do unmanned/uncrewed systems impact the EMSO playbook – both on offense and on defense?

7) What does the EMSO Playbook call for in terms of professional development in the Services and across industry?

8) How has Congress helped to shape the EMSO playbook, and what are its next steps in this process?

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Our From the Crows’ Nest podcast host, Ken Miller, will be recording episodes with special guests from a studio on the show floor during the event. Start listening now and be sure to subscribe to get these episodes right from the show.

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Today's Events

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - Tuesday, Oct. 25

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

On-site Registration

OpenPick up your badge on L Street Bridge of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

7:30–8:45 AM

Symposium Morning Coffee

8:00–10:00 AM Opening Keynote Session


10:00 AM–6:00 PM


Exhibit Hall & Crows' Nest Open

Join us in our expansive exhibit hall. Be sure to stop by the "Crows' Nest" to relax, recharge, and refuel.

11:30 AM–1:00 PM Lunch 
12:30–2:00 PM Symposium Spotlight Session
2:30–4:00 PM Symposium Breakout Sessions

2:30–4:00 PM

Program Manager Briefing Series

This session is for stakeholders from government and industry, including the small business community, interested in learning about upcoming procurements, acquisition strategies, and procurement timelines.

Closed to media

4:30–6:00 PM

Happy Hour

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Inside the Convention

Keynote Session: Today's keynote will be delivered by General Chris Badia, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, German Air Force, NATO. Ms. Margie Palmieri, Deputy Chief Digital Artificial Intelligence Officer, will also offer remarks. 

Symposium Spotlight Session: The panel will discuss the significance, challenges and opportunities with EMSO and EW across DoD operations, acquisitions, advanced capabilities and S&T. It includes executive leadership from the Joint Staff, USD(A&S), USD(R&E) and DARPA.

Symposium Breakout Sessions: 

JADC2 — All Domain Operations is the critical integration of the Joint Force. While the components historically focused on a single domain, emerging concepts require a diverse group of commanders, soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and even guardians to collaborative provide capabilities. This panel will provide a current perspective on the rapidly evolving JADC2 ecosystem, the programs, the standards, and the interoperability required to meet our national security objectives.

Space EMSO: C-C5ISRT — Space offers a unique strategic sanctuary, and it also creates a unique dependency in any future military operation. While a commercial SATCOM provider was able to mitigate Russian jammers with a software update, both the ground and space-based layers have different vulnerabilities and thus require unique mitigations. USSF currently has two astronauts; the remainder of their Guardians operate ground and space systems through the EMS. Additionally, the panel will discuss how China has integrated its Space and EMSO capabilities into the Strategic Support Force as a net assessment compared to US capabilities.

Program Manager Briefing Series: NAVY/USMC Programs

More details are available from our symposium agenda.

Innovative Directed Energy Systems for Electromagnetic Dominance
Epirus’ Leonidas suite of products mark a sea change in directed energy. Our solid-state, software-defined high-power microwave systems enable unprecedented counter-electronics effects, with demonstrated precision strike and counter-swarm capabilities. This innovative approach to directed energy, alongside future multi-function capabilities, will play a crucial role in achieving electromagnetic dominance.
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Exhibitor Happenings

Official Exhibit Hall hours during the AOC Convention are as follows:

Today, Oct. 25
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Wednesday, Oct. 26
9:45 AM - 6:00 PM

Thursday, Oct. 27
9:45 AM - 2:00 PM

Learn more about exhibitor happenings and special events on the AOC Convention's Exhibit Hall Hours & Happenings page.

Small Business Showcase
When the exhibit hall opens this morning, please come visit our Small Business Showcase. Located near the main entrance, this area includes 16 exhibitors offering a variety of products and services. Here, you'll find companies supplying RF components, power amplifiers, test equipment, data recorders, COMINT receivers and more. Several companies also provide EW and SIGINT systems engineering R&D services. Many of these companies are relatively new to the EW and SIGINT market. Come and see what they have to offer.

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JED News

The October issue of JED includes these highlights:

Cover Story: The US Space Force and EMSO

News: US Army Awards EW and SIGNIT Development Contracts
US Navy Plans Frequency Extension For NGJ-MB Pod

Start reading the issue now, and read more each week at jedonline.com

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Attributed to: Andy Lowery, Chief Product Officer, Epirus

Andy Lowery, Chief Product Officer at Epirus, is a proven entrepreneurial, corporate and military leader, having served 30 years in a wide spectrum of demanding US domestic and global roles. He is a recognized thought leader on the application of technology across industry. Prior to Epirus, Andy held various roles at high-tech startups: Co-Founder and CEO of RealWear, Inc., which made industrial head-up-display wearable systems, and Co-Founder of Daqri, where he pioneered mixed reality wearables for enterprise. From 2008 to 2014, Lowery worked in various roles at Raytheon, including Business Area Chief Engineer for Electronic Warfare Systems, and from 2004-2008, he led MACOM’s high-power amplifier products. Andy is a retired lieutenant commander in the US Navy and holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne.

JED: Epirus is a relatively new company funded through private capital and drawing on engineering talent with commercial and defense electronics backgrounds. How does this combination create agility for the company and help define its culture?

Lowery: Agility defines everything we do at Epirus, from the engineering bench all the way up to our executive leadership team. Our agile mindset has allowed us to rapidly create three form factors of our directed energy product in three years — Leonidas, Leonidas Pod and Leonidas Mobile.
By funding our own products through private capital, rather than waiting for government requirements to be shaped, we can rapidly meet the mission needs that we know are most pressing for our customers. With this proactive approach, Epirus is able to move at the speed of technology, not the speed of bureaucracy.
On the engineering side, we integrate the principles of the agile manifesto across the board. We are in constant contact with our customers to understand how to best meet their mission needs, and their input shapes what we do on a day-to-day basis. And with the threat landscape as dynamic as ever, we will change course on a dime to best serve the warfighter’s needs.
By drawing from talent with diverse backgrounds, Epirus strives to combine the speed of Silicon Valley with the mission-driven mindset of the aerospace and defense community. We have experts from top tier tech companies working daily with career professionals from the primes. That combination of tech chops and defense expertise is a big part of what makes the magic happen here at Epirus.

To read the rest of this interview at JEDonline, click here.


200Gbps Ethernet Packet Capture, Record, and Playback
Interface and engage all network data traffic from digital radios, RFSoC, and other high bandwidth sensors over 10, 25, 40, and 100GbE links. 
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