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New Flight and Duty Time regulations being proposed by Transport Canada are still waiting to be tabled at Treasury Board – the last step before they are brought in to force. If they are approved by Treasury Board, the new rules would be applicable to the helicopter industry four years later.

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La nouvelle réglementation sur les temps de vol et de service en vol proposée par Transports Canada attend toujours d’être déposée au Conseil du Trésor, ce qui est la dernière étape avant la mise en vigueur de la réglementation. Si cette réglementation est approuvée par le Conseil du Trésor, elle s’appliquera aussi à l’industrie de l’hélicoptère quatre ans plus tard.

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Industry News
You will recall from a previous edition of the newsletter, that Transport Canada refused HAC’s request for a six month extension to the January 31, 2019 deadline to deliver CRM training. At HAC’s recent Vancouver convention, operators expressed some confusion over the implementation deadline and other elements of Advisory Circular. Transport Canada has invited HAC, and other associations to distribute the note below to provide some relief from the normal implantation process.  

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Il est venu à l’attention de Transports Canada que certains exploitants n'ont pas encore soumis leur programme de formation en gestion des ressources d’équipage à TCAC pour validation ou a terminé la formation requise afin de se conformer aux exigences à la date limite du 31 janvier 2019.

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For those members operating in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, you may be interested in the following advisory from Transport Canada.

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Les membres qui opèrent en Grande-Bretagne et en Irlande du Nord pourraient être intéressés par cet avis de Transports Canada :

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Please find the advisory circular 401-009, Issue No. 02, The conduct of aviation language proficiency demonstrations below, effective December 1, 2018.

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Avis aux membres du CCRAC,


Veuillez trouver ci-joint la circulaire d’information 401-009, édition 02, L’administration des démonstrations de compétence linguistique pour l’aviation, en vigueur le 1er décembre 2018.

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The federal government has just announced sweeping proposed changes to the Canada Labour Code, which will impact aviation operations. A very brief summary is attached, provided to HAC courtesy of Emond Harnden LLP. These are important changes that will require the co-operative efforts of HAC and other associations to oppose. 

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Le gouvernement fédéral vient d’annoncer des changements majeurs au Code canadien du travail qui affecteront les opérations aériennes. Un bref résumé, ci-joint, a été préparé par Emond Harnden LLP. Ces changements importants nécessiteront les efforts coopératifs de l’ACH d’autres associations pour s’y opposer.

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Words you never want to hear in the helicopter business, but legal cannabis is now here. A briefing on this important subject was provided to HAC’s members by Steve Williams and Larissa Volinets Schieven of Emond Harnden LLP at our recent Vancouver convention. A number of members have asked for a copy of the presentation for the purposes of orienting themselves to the development of company policy on this important subject.

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C’est bien évident qu’on ne veut jamais entendre une pareille phrase dans l’industrie de l’hélicoptère, mais le cannabis est maintenant légal. Steve Williams et Larissa Volinets Schieven du cabinet d’avocats Emond Harnden LLP ont récemment donné une présentation aux membres de l’ACH sur ce sujet à l’occasion de notre récent congrès à   Vancouver. Plusieurs membres ont demandé une copie de la présentation pour les aider à développer un politique d’entreprise sur cet important sujet.

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News From The Web
Source: CBC News
Search and rescue teams based in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador have found a temporary home at the St. John's airport after asbestos was discovered at 9 Wing Gander. 

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Source: AirMed & Rescue Magazine

A new Canadian Coast Guard facility, which includes a helicopter hangar, is coming to Saint John, New Brunswick, announced MP Wayne Long, on behalf of the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, 

Visit https://www.airmedandrescue.com/story/113256/new-facilities-announced-canadian-coast-guard to view the full article online.

Source: Shephard Media

It looks like the Ansat helicopter's emergency floatation system, designed to increase the chance of survival during emergency water landings, has passed the Russian Helicopters test. Federal Air Transport Agency approval could be just around the corner. 

Visit https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/rotorhub/russian-helicopters-tests-emergency-floatation-sys/ to view the full article online.

Source: Northern Ontario Business

Greater Sudbury Airport is bustling as work is underway to prepare for Executive Aviation and Air Bravo's high-end crew and passenger terminal.

Visit https://www.northernontariobusiness.com/industry-news/transportation/sudbury-airport-hangar-gets-luxury-makeover-1129417 to view the full article online.

Source: Oliver Chronicle

Ron Johnson got his start in the Navy in 1960, just after turning 17 years old. He eventually took pilot training and became interested in helicopters. This led him to a life of rescuing many people facing some of the scariest moments of their lives. 

Visit http://www.oliverchronicle.com/veteran-spent-years-rescuing-people-in-crises/ to view the full article online.

Source: The Bow Valley Crag and Canyon

Award-winning Banff pilot got the chance to share some of his life's work at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies last week. Read more about his 33-year career.

Visit https://www.thecragandcanyon.ca/news/local-news/fireside-chat-with-noted-banff-pilot-jim-davies to view the full article online.

Source: Cabin Radio

Court documents filed earlier this month confirm that a deal has been reached to sell Great Slave Helicopters, with Pat Campling Jr., an experienced Saskatchewan aviation entrepreneur, listed as the buyer. 

Visit https://cabinradio.ca/11144/news/economy/deal-reached-to-sell-great-slave-helicopters-documents-confirm/ to view the full article online.

Source: Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Press Release
The Government of Canada is supporting the development of well-trained, skilled personnel to serve the aerospace industry of the future, by donating surplus Coast Guard assets to educational institutions across Canada. These donations are helping to support aircraft maintenance training in Canada, providing practical and hands-on experience to students. 

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