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Update on the New CRM Training Requirement

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You will recall from a previous edition of the newsletter, that Transport Canada refused HAC’s request for a six month extension to the January 31, 2019 deadline to deliver CRM training. At HAC’s recent Vancouver convention, operators expressed some confusion over the implementation deadline and other elements of Advisory Circular. Transport Canada has invited HA, and other associations to distribute the note below to provide some relief from the normal implantation process.  

It has come to the attention of Transport Canada that some operators have not yet submitted their CRM training program to TCCA for validation or completed the required training in order to meet the January 31, 2019 deadline.

  • It is imperative that operators are informed that once the CRM training program has been submitted to TCCA they can immediately begin training and must be compliant by January 31, 2019.
  • If a deficiency is found with a submitted CRM training program during the validation process, TCCA will inform the operator of the deficiency but this shall not invalidate training already completed or prevent the training from being completed.
  • It is paramount that the CRM training be delivered; any shortcoming can be addressed at a later date.

Please be advised that the process listed above is only applicable for the implementation of an operators CRM training in order to meet the January 31, 2019 deadline.


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