Regulatory Affairs
February 2, 2023

ERAP plan participants must still complete TC’s Client Information Database

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Transport Canada will not be incorporating the propane industry’s request that information for Emergency Response Assistance Plan participants fulfill requirements for its Client Information Database (CID) that it is in the process of developing. Having ERAP requirements fulfill the CID registration requirements would have avoided a duplication of efforts. 

Ultimately, while TC attempted to modify its database requirements to match ERAP requirements, they did not proceed to adapt the information to meet the needs of both systems. ERAP participants can input their ERAP number into the CID and part of the information requirements will be automatically filled in, however, they will still have to complete additional information. 

TC is currently developing guidance materials and awareness activities, and expects to publish the regulations in the Canada Gazette Part II in spring 2023.

TC said the intent of its CID was to develop an accurate and reliable inventory of regulated parties and sites where dangerous goods are handled, offered for transport, transported, or imported in Canada.


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