Regulatory Affairs
April 14, 2022

UPDATE – MB: CPA urges Manitoba Government to address the challenges facing the propane industry

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CPA engaged with the Inspection Technical Services (ITS) department within the Government of Manitoba regarding the industry’s concerns around inspection criteria, frequency, and cost of inspections.

As of January 2022, ITS now falls under a new Labor, Consumer Protection and Government Services Ministry. Follow-up conversations from the November 2021 meeting were pushed to April 2022, because this Ministry is still staffing up for senior positions internally.

The government has indicated that the (2015) Technical Safety Act will be proclaimed soon, giving it the legislative authority to govern the previous legislation responsible for the propane sector (Steam and Pressure Plants Act).

A detailed schedule will replace the Act. However, the government does not anticipate consultation on a schedule occurring in 2022.

CPA has proposed that collaborative conversations about the current challenges facing the propane sector must continue. Short-term solutions should be identified, considering the longer legislation timeline.

CPA has referenced inspection frequency, poor communication from the government on regulatory changes and lack of overall industry consultation as current issues. CPA will continue to work with the Manitoba Committee members to bring detailed analysis to the ongoing conversations with the government.



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