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July 11, 2019

Changes to PTI training material

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As many of you know, the Canadian Propane Association/Propane Training Institute has been making a number of changes to update and modernize PTI training material, as well as ensuring that it corresponds with any changes made to codes, standards or regulations. In the course of the last updates, we unfortunately did not update the version number of the manuals. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Moving forward, all training material that is modified and will have an impact will be given an updated version number. In addition, with the implementation of the new database, trainers will automatically receive notifications whenever changes are made to the training material they have purchased, with or without an impact on the manual version. Until our system is functional, we will send notification to all trainers when changes are made.

Here are the recent changes:

  • CHANGE WITH IMPACT: In December 2018, the following manuals were updated because Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is now Safety Data Sheet (SDS). This added pages to the manuals. 
    • Propane Pump Attendant – 100-01 (version 4.0) MSDS was replaced with SDS (Section 6.2, 6.5)
    • Propane Pump Attendant – Transportation of Dangerous Goods Enhanced – 100-11 (version 2.0) MSDS was replaced with SDS (Section 6.2, 6.5)
    • Filling Propane Cylinders – 100-08 (version 4.0) MSDS was replaced with SDS (Section 5.2, 5.5)
    • Auto Propane Conversion and Inspection – 200-11 (version 2.1) MSDS was replaced with SDS (Section 3.11)
    • Propane Industrial Equipment Inspection & Maintenance – 200-12 (version 1.1) MSDS was replaced with SDS (Section 3.10.3)
    • Bulk Plant Operations – 600-03 (version 3.0) MSDS was replaced with SDS (Section 3.5)
    • All glossaries have been updated. 

  • CHANGE WITH IMPACT: In May 2019, in the French version Chauffeurs de camion de propane en vrac – 300-01, (version 3.0) the missing temporary certificate was added.

  • CHANGE WITH IMPACT: In December 2018, the Chapter 4 Review Questions of Propane Pump Attendant 100-01 (version 4.0) French and English, were changed to better reflect the new procedures added to the manual for vehicles with the newer style of refuelling interface that does not have an ACME-Liquid Fill Gauge refuelling interface. We have maintained training instructions for both systems given that they are still present in the market place.

  • CHANGES WITH IMPACT: In March 2019, the Ontario Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) approved Records of Trainings (ROTs) for Ontario certificate holders (refer to communication sent April 25, 2019). Main changes:
    • Construction Heaters and Torches Up to and Including 400,000 BTU/h – 400-01 (version 3.1) - The title has been updated. Trainers have the choice to train for both construction heaters and torches or just for construction heaters. This will be indicated clearly on the certificate issued by the CPA/PTI.
    • Construction Heaters and Torches Over 400,000 BTU/h – 400-03 (version 3.1) – New Title – the title of the certificate and the wallet card is now: Construction Heaters and Torches > 400,000 BTU/h. 
    • Connection and Use of Propane Torches – 400-08 (version 3.0) Practical Evaluation: A section of the exam booklet allows the trainer to indicate which BTU/h size option was chosen by the student

  • CHANGE WITH NO IMPACT: In November 2018, section 2.5 carbon monoxide of Chapter 2 product knowledge in all manuals was updated to reflect Canadian regulations.

  • CHANGE WITH NO IMPACT: In November 2018, the picture in section 2.2 of Chapter 2 product knowledge was updated (removed a picture of propane handling with leather gloves). 

  • CHANGE WITH NO IMPACT: Propane Industrial Equipment Inspection & Maintenance – 200-12 (version 1.1) Exam: question 51 was removed. The answer sheet was updated as well. 

  • CHANGE WITH IMPACT: Cargo Loading and Securement – Propane tanks, Cylinders and Equipment – 300-05 (version 3.0) Exam question 23 was modified. A notice was sent to all concerned trainers indicating:
    • 1) The answer key for this exam for question 23 has been updated to ‘b) False’ – which is the correct answer 
    • 2) Current exams are valid with this new answer key

If you require updated answer sheets, please contact PTI at or (877) 784-4636.


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