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December 13, 2018

NEW! 200-11 is now recognized in PEI!

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The CPA is pleased to announce that the 200-11: Auto-Propane Conversion and Inspection course is now recognized by the province of Prince Edward Island. 

This course is designed to cover the fundamentals of propane fuel tanks and equipment, and the conversion, servicing, and inspection of highway vehicles that utilize propane as a motive power. 

Tasks covered in this course include the installation of motor vehicle propane tanks, connecting and routing propane fuel lines, connecting and using propane conversion kit electrical and computer control systems, and ensuring the quality of the installation. 

This course covers the specifics of propane and propane vehicle conversions, but does not cover: 

  • engine fundamentals 
  • basic 12-volt electrical theory 
  • fundamentals and troubleshooting 
  • EFI engine controls and management theory 

To order copies, please contact the Canadian Propane Association / Propane Training Institute at or 1.877.784.4636.


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