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October 2016
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The Canadian Propane Association is proud to offer an annual awards program that recognizes exceptional accomplishments in the propane industry and inspires the next generation of industry professionals.
The CPA received a strong group of nominations for 2016. The Association thanks all those who submitted an application and congratulates all nominees for their outstanding work. The CPA is pleased to announce that it has selected Bob Bush as the recipient of the 2016 CPA Lifetime Achievement Award.
Bob, who has been in the industry for over 34 years, has made significant, outstanding contributions to the propane industry in Canada. Throughout his career, Bob has held senior executive and management positions and was looked upon as a valued mentor and trusted leader by his employees, colleagues and many industry professionals.
Each year the CPA offers a Student Scholarship Award to immediate family of employees of CPA member companies. The award, sponsored by the International Association of Young Gassers, Inc., provides financial assistance to recipients planning a career in post-secondary education at a Canadian vocational or trade school, community college or university. 

2016 scholarship recipients are: Sarah Jean Morash (shown left) from Nova Scotia and Michael Ruhl (shown right with sponsor James Callow) from Ontario. Congratulations to both Sarah and Michael who will each be receiving $1,000 towards their post-secondary education.

On October 8, the Department of the Environment published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, proposed Environmental Emergency Regulations, 2016, under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. The proposed Regulations will repeal and replace the current Environmental Emergency Regulations, which were last amended in 2011.
On October 4, 2016 the BC Safety Authority (BCSA) announced changes to its 2017 Fee Schedules.
  • It is moving forward with the proposed 1.8% increase to Alternative Safety Approaches fees for 2017.
  • Previously stated 2017 fee increases for electrical, gas, elevating devices, and boiler, pressure vessel and refrigeration systems will be reduced by 1% (from 3% to 2%).
The 2017 fees will come into effect on January 1, 2017 and can be viewed at
The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) has announced that training is now available for the 2015 Gas Codes changes. The training provides an overview of the changes to the 2015 BC Gas Codes B149.1 and B149.2, including new definitions and interpretation of the codes. The 2015 codes will come into effect November 1, 2016.  For more information, visit the BCSA Information Bulletins page.

Training options for the 2015 BC Gas Codes changes includes videos and an online course available through BCSA’s online Learning Centre. Live Training sessions are available in various locations throughout BC.

CPA’s first Ontario Propane Advocacy Day, held on September 28, was highly successful.  Numerous association members from across Ontario, as well as CPA staff, joined CPA Chair Guy Marchand, Vice Chair Dan Kelly, and representatives from Parkland Fuel Corporation and Superior Propane at Queen’s Park, Toronto to participate in dozens of meetings with Ministers, their staff, and MPPs from all political parties.
At an evening reception, MPPs representing the Liberal government, as well as opposition members from the Progressive Conservatives and NDP, all agreed they were impressed with the message our members delivered throughout the day: Propane is vital to Ontario’s economy and for environmental initiatives. The day’s effort has prompted follow-up discussions with Ontario MPPs to further consider the role of propane in the province’s work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Building on the success of the Lobby Day in Ontario, the CPA will be conducting similar outreach efforts in other provincial capitals in the coming months.
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CPA News
Sadly, the propane community got smaller with the sudden passing of David John Stainrod on Monday, October 3, 2016, just short of his 70th birthday. Dave was a brother, a husband, a father and beloved grandpa. He was a devoted family man married to his best friend Janet for 37 years.

Dave was a respected and stalwart fuels inspector at the old Fuels Safety Branch in Ontario for many years, before being recruited in 1989 by one of Canada’s national propane marketers. In 1993, Dave established DJ Stainrod and Associates. He was an experienced trainer and established author of numerous articles and training materials that were eagerly read by the industry. An active participant on numerous industry committees, Dave contributed his broad industry acumen that benefited Canada’s propane industry.

He will be remembered as a fiercely fair and passionate human being with a steady demeanor that was appreciated by all who knew him. Whether it was a family matter or a complicated propane technical issue, Dave could be depended on to take care of it adeptly. His passion will be missed.

The CPA has produced a new video promoting the ongoing partnership between agriculture and propane. The video can be viewed on CPA’s YouTube channel; it highlights the ways that propane can be utilized in farming, including for crop drying, barn heating and irrigation systems, while supporting employment and communities.

Member companies are encouraged to use this video in their own digital communications through websites, email, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

The CPA reminds members that they will receive a $200 discount off their annual membership fees for referring an organization/individual that joins the CPA. There is a maximum of $400 dollars/two referrals per member, per year. Contact James Daniels, Manager, Member Services at for details.
The CPA is pleased to offer member companies an updated, official CPA logo for use in marketing and promotional materials.
This logo can be used by current CPA members on member company websites, brochures, magazine ads, and any other material to indicate that they are a member of the Canadian Propane Association. The logos, available in both English and French, can be downloaded from The Grid.
Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) News
ERAC is a not-for-profit corporation created by industry for industry. As a co-operative emergency preparedness and response organization, ERAC is instrumental in assisting hundreds of oil and gas and transportation organizations requiring ERAPs.

ERAC is currently looking at developing ERAC-owned equipment caches to assist our Plan Participants in order to keep their companies, communities and clients safe under any circumstances. The equipment caches will be strategically placed across Canada and could be transported to any incident or training facility when needed.

Should you or your organization have any equipment that you would like to donate to the development of ERAC equipment caches, please contact Don Merriam, ERAC LPG Operations Manager at 514-714-1075 or at

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Bulletins & Notices

BC Safety Authority (BCSA) Safety Order:
Service And Maintenance Of Aerco Benchmark Boilers

Compressed Gas Association Event:
October 25-26,2016
National Energy Board LPG Underground Inventory Report:
Measurement Canada Clarification:
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Code Corner
When corrosion is noted during the annual external inspection of TC 331 tanks and equivalent tanks, the following CSA B620-09 requirements apply:  
  • 7.2.1 External inspections
    • Clause – External inspections shall include the following: (a) without removing insulation or jacketing, checking for corroded areas, etc.
    • Clause – Corroded or abraded areas of the tank wall shall have their thickness tested in accordance with Clause 7.2.6.
  • 7.2.6 Thickness test
    •  Clause Consequences of rejection
      • – Except as provided for in Clause, a tank rejected for insufficient thickness shall (a) not be used in dangerous goods service; and (b) not display a metal identification plate identifying it as a TC, MC or DOT specification tank.
      • – A tank that has been rejected for insufficient thickness may be returned to dangerous goods service with modified minimum thickness or loading parameters if it fulfills the requirements of Clauses 8.2 to 8.4 for modified tanks.
CPA Committees
Get involved and make your voice heard! The three national CPA committees and six regional committees always need volunteers.
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