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September 2016
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On September 12, the BC Safety Authority (BCSA) issued Directive No.D-BP-2016-01: Propane Storage Tank Pressure Relief Valve Servicing and Inspection Intervals. It sets timelines to implement the visual inspection and servicing intervals for pressure relief valves (PRVs) installed on propane storage tanks.
For pressure vessels in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) service governed by CSA B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling code, the maximum servicing intervals for PRVs are:
  • Vessels greater than 2500 USWG shall have a maximum servicing interval of 10 years (all vessels shall be in compliance before January 1, 2024);
  • Vessels 2500 USWG or less (excluding cylinders as defined by CSA B149.2) with an external PRV shall have a maximum servicing interval of 10 years (all vessels shall be in compliance before January 1, 2024); and
  • Vessels 2500 USWG or less (excluding cylinders as defined by CSA B149.2) with an internal PRV shall have a maximum servicing interval of 25 years (all vessels shall be in compliance before January 1, 2027).
The CPA is seeking clarification from the BCSA on the requirement for vessels 2500 USWG or less with an external valve to have a maximum servicing interval of 10 years as opposed to 25 years as per Table 5 of the CSA B51-14.
On August 25, the BC Safety Authority (BCSA) issued Information Bulletin IB-GA-2016-01: Gas Safety Regulation Amendments and New Gas Safety Codes Adopted.

 A number of amendments to the sections and Schedule to the Gas Safety Regulations are effective November 1, 2016. The amendments include repeals, substitutions, additions, strikeouts, renumbering and the adoption of new editions of codes.

Work performed under permits taken out from November 1, 2016 onward will require compliance with the new editions of codes adopted under M 297. Work performed under permits taken out prior to November 1, 2016 may be assessed to either the previous or new edition of the applicable code(s). The Ministerial Order also adopts two new codes that will come into force November 1, 2017: CSA B149.2-15 Propane Storage and Handling Code and CSA Z662-15 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. Videos and an online course will be available mid-September through BCSA’s Online Learning Centre at Live training events start November 1, 2016.

All CPA member companies that introduce propane into the province of Ontario and subject to cap and trade reporting requirements must complete the registration process for the Compliance Instrument Tracking System Service (CITSS) by November 30, 2016. CITSS, a web-based program used by North American jurisdictions that have cap and trade programs, tracks emissions allowances and offset credits from time of issue by governments, to ownership, transfers, through to final retirement. Companies that do not introduce propane into the province will not be required to report carbon emissions or purchase credits.

To read more, CPA members click here.

The CPA continues to work with the provincial government and other energy providers to finalize details of the Ontario Home Energy Retrofit Program. Homeowners who use propane as their primary heating source will be eligible for the program, with rebates available for energy efficiency gains made via furnace and water heater upgrades, as well as new window installations and insulation improvements. The program will require home energy audits both pre- and post- energy efficiency upgrades.

Further details of this three-year, government-funded program will be available soon, including consumer marketing tools and education opportunities for energy suppliers.

On August 19, the CPA submitted a brief to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as part of the government’s efforts to fight climate change. The brief highlights the climate change solutions that propane can offer Newfoundland and Labrador for transportation, public infrastructure, back-up energy, and remote and rural communities. The brief was sent in response to a call for consultations to find local solutions and after the government published a discussion guide titled Climate Change Consultations for Newfoundland and Labrador.
The CPA was an active participant in Heritage Gas’s application to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSURB) to reduce rates to some of its commercial customers. Heritage Gas argued it needed to reduce rates due to competitive pricing pressures from other energy commodities – primarily from propane. The board approved its application. The CPA is disappointed with the NSURB’s decision to not allow the market to run its course. Members of the propane industry strongly believe that the marketplace should decide how prices are set. Consumers can then make their own decisions as to which energy source is best for them. The story was covered by CBC News: Heritage Gas granted permission to base prices on market conditions and The Chronical Herald: Heritage Gas cuts price in bid to keep customers.
Read the full decision from Nova Scotia's Utility and Review Board. CPA Press Release: Changes to Gas Distribution Regulations Concern Canadian Propane Association.
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CPA News
The CPA Board of Directors will be hosting a reception from 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the Hotel Arts (119, 12Av SW) following the Board of Directors meeting on October 19 in Calgary, Alberta. All members are invited to attend. Please RSVP before September 30 to
The CPA has produced a new video promoting the ongoing partnership between agriculture and propane. The video can be viewed on CPA’s YouTube channel; it highlights the ways that propane can be utilized in farming, including for crop drying, barn heating and irrigation systems, while supporting employment and communities.

Member companies are encouraged to use this video in their own digital communications through websites, email, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

The 2016 Alberta Seminar and Kandlelighters Golf Tournament was held in Red Deer and Innisfail, Alberta from September 9-10. It was apparent everyone enjoyed the event and are already looking forward to next year's event. Guest speakers included: Doug Horvat, Chief Inspector, Dangerous Goods, Alberta Transportation; Darcy Murray, DDR Propane; Sidney Manning, Chief Administrator/ Inspector, Plumbing and Gas, Alberta Municipal Affairs; Spencer Buckland, President, ERAC; Tyler Rishel, Maxfield; and Marcel Mandin, Mutual Propane. Photos are available on Flickr and presentations are on The Grid.
The 2016 BC Seminar and Golf Tournament was held on September 13 at the beautiful Fort Langley Golf Course in Langley, BC. Seminar guest speakers included: Tony Schott, Provincial Safety Manager, Boiler and Pressure Vessels and Refrigeration, BC Safety Authority; Dr. Michael Rensing, Director, Renewable & Low Carbon Fuels, BC Government; Pamela McDermid, CVSE Manager, ITS Initiatives, BC Government; John Wayne, MacMullin, Magnuson Ford; and Brian Osland, Vice Chair, CPA BC Committee. Photos are available on Flickr and presentations are on The Grid.
The CPA is pleased to welcome a new Regional Manager, West, Matt Haley.

Prior to joining the CPA, Matt’s career focused on helping people solve complex business challenges across all organizational departments. His experience in solution selling has spanned learning and development strategies for Fortune 500 organizations, mainly in the oil and gas industry, where Matt consulted on a variety of training initiatives in safety, compliance, operations, and human resources.  

Matt is also well versed in tailoring digital marketing solutions that drive revenue for small and medium businesses, and the implementation of cloud-based IT infrastructure. With such a diverse background in sales, Matt understands that listening, mutual understanding, and delivering on expectations are critical to building successful relationships.

Matt’s responsibilities include working closely with CPA members across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and maintaining and advancing relationships with all levels of government, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.

Matt started with the CPA August 22 and is based in the Calgary office. He can be reached at or 403.801.9111.

The CPA reminds members that they will receive a $200 discount off their annual membership fees for referring an organization/individual that joins the CPA. There is a maximum of $400 dollars/two referrals per member, per year. Contact James Daniels, Manager, Member Services at for details.
The CPA is pleased to offer member companies an updated, official CPA logo for use in marketing and promotional materials.
This logo can be used by current CPA members on member company websites, brochures, magazine ads, and any other material to indicate that they are a member of the Canadian Propane Association. The logos, available in both English and French, can be downloaded from The Grid.
Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) News
What if the unthinkable happened today? That worst-case scenario. The reason your company has an emergency response assistance plan (ERAP). Is your company ready? Determine your organization’s level of readiness in response to an ERAP activation. Enroll in ERAC’s Plan Participant Readiness and Review Program (free for ERAC Plan Participants). This program is a new tool to determine your organization’s level of readiness in response to an ERAP activation.

The Plan Participant Readiness and Review program is designed to:

  1. Improve your operational response readiness and highlight the importance of ERAPs, including your organization’s role and ERAC’s role, capabilities and responsibilities
  2. Determine your organization’s readiness through the program’s assessment questionnaire
  3. Offer tailored ERAP awareness training with ERAC
  4. Follow up with Plan participants through a survey
Learn more about the Plan Participant Readiness and Review Program by contacting Don Merriam, Operations Manager, LPG.
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Bulletins & Notices

TSSA Director's Safety Order:
Propane Fired Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

BC Safety Authority (BCSA) Safety Order:
Service And Maintenance Of Aerco Benchmark Boilers

Compressed Gas Association Event:
October 25-26,2016
National Energy Board LPG Underground Inventory Report:
Measurement Canada Clarification:
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Code Corner
The Nova Scotia Chief Fuel Safety Inspector has clarified requirements for Fuel Safety Regulations regarding Permits and Green Tags:

A permit is required before starting an installation/alteration and must be displayed at the location where the work is being performed. Starting an installation without the required permit can result in work stoppage in addition to fines or licence suspension/revocation of the technician or company responsible.

In the event that the required work is an emergency and must be performed before a permit can be obtained, the work may be completed provided that: an inspector is notified by phone or email of the location and nature of the emergency work before the work starts; or the required permit is applied for on the next business day after the emergency work is completed.

Green Tags
A completed green tag must be posted before commissioning a system and the gas supplier may not provide gas to any installation that does not bear a fully completed green tag. Commissioning or supplying gas to an installation without a fully completed green tag can result in fines and/or licence suspension/revocation for the technician(s) or company responsible. Installations that are completed under a registration by a company holding a Class 2A license may be commissioned with a single signature green tag.

For full details, please click here.
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