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Regulations for Permits and Green Tags Clarified

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The Nova Scotia Chief Fuel Safety Inspector has clarified requirements for Fuel Safety Regulations regarding Permits and Green Tags:

A permit is required before starting an installation/alteration and must be displayed at the location where the work is being performed. Starting an installation without the required permit can result in work stoppage in addition to fines or licence suspension/revocation of the technician or company responsible.

In the event that the required work is an emergency and must be performed before a permit can be obtained, the work may be completed provided that: an inspector is notified by phone or email of the location and nature of the emergency work before the work starts; or the required permit is applied for on the next business day after the emergency work is completed.

Green Tags
A completed green tag must be posted before commissioning a system and the gas supplier may not provide gas to any installation that does not bear a fully completed green tag. Commissioning or supplying gas to an installation without a fully completed green tag can result in fines and/or licence suspension/revocation for the technician(s) or company responsible. Installations that are completed under a registration by a company holding a Class 2A license may be commissioned with a single signature green tag.

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