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October 2019
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A key activity for the CPA is advocacy and the Association is taking full advantage of the upcoming federal election to promote the ‘propane advantage’ with federal parties. The CPA has developed an information guide called the PROPANE Advantage that has been sent to the major political parties.

The Canadian Propane Association is pleased to announce the publication of the video: The PROPANE Advantage. You can watch the video by clicking on the picture below or by visiting the Association's Youtube channel.

Thank you to all members who participated in Auto Propane Day held on Friday, September 27 to promote auto propane and raise awareness about one of the cleanest, safest alternative fuels available. This global awareness campaign, organized by the World LPG Association, was designed to promote auto propane and raise awareness about the benefits of low-emission propane.
Provinces across the country are moving towards requiring household hazardous waste recycling programs. The CPA is playing an integral role in the development of these programs to ensure that they meet the needs of the propane industry. 
A late start to the growing season plus fall rains have led to a later than normal harvest in primary growing areas throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and northern Alberta. The warm and windy weather that southern Alberta and Saskatchewan had enjoyed throughout September and allowed for much of the crop to be cut came to a halt last weekend with the rain and snow.
Already available for residential purposes, the CPA is pleased to announce that propane has been added to the Commercial and Industrial sections of the New Brunswick Energy Efficiency program. Previously, propane had only been included in the residential sector of this program, but after several meetings with government officials, propane has now been expanded to the other sectors.
The CPA’s recent meeting on September 24 with PEI’s Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change sparked strong interest in considering auto propane to fuel government school buses and fleets.
On September 12, the CPA held its second Ontario Committee meeting of 2019 in Barrie. Updates to the over 30 attendees included the CPA strategic direction, federal government activities, the release of the PROPANE advantage document, regulatory affairs, and new CPA member marketing tools.
The Saskatchewan Committee had a successful fall meeting in Davidson on September 18. A number of topics were discussed, including the matter of tanks on trailers that was raised by Saskatchewan Chair Scott Morris, as there are still some concerns regarding this issue, and the state of the 2019 harvest in Saskatchewan.
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The ERAC Q3 newsletter is out! To read more about the 2020 Dangerous Goods Emergency Management Conference, ERAC’s collaboration with FESTI, and changes to the TDG and E2 regulations, access the Newsletter here.



ERAC is excited to announce that their second Dangerous Goods Emergency Management Conference will take place May 4-6, 2020 in Calgary at Hotel Arts.



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