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June 2019
Advocacy News
The new Alberta government has passed Bill 1 - the Carbon Tax Repeal Act, which discontinues the Alberta carbon tax and rolls back climate change programs funded by the tax. Alberta will introduce a tax on large industrial polluters, similar to the version of the carbon tax Alberta had prior to the NDP government; it is expected in Fall 2019.
CPA President and CEO Nathalie St-Pierre has written to Technical Standards Safety Authority President and CEO Bonnie Rose to express concern regarding the authority’s Advisory (FS-214-14-R2): Unvented Heaters inside Livestock or Poultry Facilities (B149.1-15, clause 7.37) issued under the TSSA Fuels Safety Program.
The Ontario legislature adjourned for an extended break on June 6, 2019, offering CPA staff and members the opportunity to engage more directly and frequently with their provincial representatives on industry issues and concerns.
The CPA issued news release, Federal parties will hear from propane industry in fall election on May 28, the day of the CPA Annual General Meeting. The new release promoted members’ priorities in advance of the upcoming fall election to ensure the collective voice of the industry will be heard.
New research shows that it’s time for governments to develop a clear, affordable and practical strategy to eliminate harmful diesel emissions from our school areas. This can be done by replacing diesel school buses with ones powered by low-emission propane.
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National Bank of Canada / Banque Nationale du Canada
National Bank offers flexible strategies to reduce your exposure to variable prices for maturities up to 24 months. Follow this link to find out how to manage your supply costs and simplify your budgeting process
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CPA News
Growing and positioning the propane industry for the future were key elements at the May quarterly Board of Directors meeting and the Annual General meeting that took place on Tuesday, May 28 in Niagara Falls, ON. 
The CPA's Ontario seminar held May 28-30, in conjunction with the Board of Directors meeting and Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls, engaged members in interesting discussions about what's on the minds of Canadians, customer service best practices, next steps for Toronto By-law 569-2013 and doing business with Indigenous communities.
Feature speaker Canadian pollster Nik Nanos provided his perspective on the upcoming federal election and things that matter to the public – people want a stable economy, stable jobs, and stable prices.
The CPA has made changes to its scholarship award to improve benefit offerings to members. The Association has adjusted wording so that all family members of CPA members companies who are planning/pursuing post-secondary education at a Canadian vocational or trade school, community college, or university, can apply for the award, regardless of course selection. As such, the scholarship deadline has been extended to Friday, June 21. To apply, please visit the awards section of the CPA website.
Government relations and advocacy are essential components of the activities the association undertakes on behalf of its members from coast to coast. The association continues to work hard at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels to ensure that the voice of the CPA membership is heard and that energy policies being developed include the participation of the propane industry. Click here to read the CPA’s Public Affairs Report.
The CPA would like to inform you that Jeffrey Orman is no longer with the Association as of Monday, June 3, 2019. Please reach out to President & CEO Nathalie St-Pierre for any training and certification issues and to Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Safety Rebecca Keeler for regulatory matters.
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Industry News
Electric cars are all the rage these days but for those fleet owners who are looking to reduce emissions and create a cleaner environment, there are several important factors that must be considered when determining which alternative low-emission fuel is the best option. The following information is sourced from BUSRide Magazine, Considering refueling with propane Autogas or recharging with electric?, written by Richard Tackett and published May 1, 2019.
The Canada Revenue Agency is expanding its Liaison Officer service to help small corporations. Previously, only unincorporated small businesses and self-employed individuals could book a visit.
The Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) and the California Air Ressources Board (CARB) held a joint cap-and-trade emissions units auction on May 14, 2019.
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Date: June 19-20
Location: Hecla Island, MB
Date: September 6-7
Location: Red Deer, AB
Date: September 10
Location: Langley, BC
Over the past months, both Transport Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) published changes to federal regulations.



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