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June 2019

Ontario Federation of Agriculture endorses CPA views

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CPA President and CEO Nathalie St-Pierre has written to Technical Standards Safety Authority President and CEO Bonnie Rose to express concern regarding the authority’s Advisory (FS-214-14-R2): Unvented Heaters inside Livestock or Poultry Facilities (B149.1-15, clause 7.37) issued under the TSSA Fuels Safety Program.
The advisory, issued June 2017, states that in order for farmers to continue to receive uninterrupted delivery of fuel, the requirements of section 7.37 must be met. St-Pierre’s letter makes clear that asking the province’s propane suppliers to refuse supplying vital propane heating fuel to Ontario farmers to enforce these safety measures is too much to ask. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture recently endorsed the CPA’s views on this issue.
The letter in it’s entirely may be viewed here.

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