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December 2019

QC: Request from ÉNERGIR to implement measures related to the purchase and sale of renewable natural gas.

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The Association québécoise du propane (AQP) and the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) submitted an application to the Régie de l’énergie in the ÉNERGIR file pursuant to the implementation of measures related to the purchase and sale of renewable natural gas.

Even though it was first initiated in 2017, this file has evolved ever since the Quebec government proceeded to enact the regulation on the amount of renewable natural gas (RNG) to be delivered by a distributor. Established at 1% of the total amount of natural gas that they distribute as of 2020, they will gradually have to reach 5% of RNG as of 2025.

AQP and the CPA reminded the board that biogas is also a source of renewable propane. Renewable propane reduces the carbon footprint, generates 80% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and is versatile and easy to transport.

Since the Régie determines the rates and conditions to which natural gas distributors are subjected, and given that these rates and conditions must reflect the actual cost of acquisition or the agreed upon conditions, the intervention of the AQP-CPA aims to ensure that these rates and conditions do not unfairly favour natural gas distributors to the detriment of propane suppliers that are also looking to purchase biogas obtained from biomethanation to produce renewable propane.

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