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December 2019

ERAC’s ArcGIS Resource Locator and Incident Management Dashboard

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Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) has developed and is using an ArcGIS web mapping application that aids in the location and allocation of resources for any incident.

ERAC is now extending access to the ERAC Resource Locator and Incident Management Dashboard to all our Plan Participant members (login required – see How Do I Access the ERAC Resource Locator below).

What is the ERAC Resource Locator?

ERAC Resource Locator is a web mapping application available on ArcGIS Online, built with Esri’s Web AppBuilder software. ERAC Resource Locator allows you to view a wide range of emergency management resources available across Canada, providing you with phone numbers, addresses and other valuable information. The list of emergency resources is growing and ERAC will continue to update it to provide the best support available.

From an incident location set by the user the application will locate, within a desired search radius, all resources that could assist with the response. As well as providing contact information for equipment and personnel, ERAC Resource Locator lists each resource by proximity to the chosen location and provides distances, drive-times and directions.

You can easily integrate your own GIS datasets and leverage ERAC Resource Locator to locate nearby resources. ERAC can also share our Incident Management Dashboard specific to each of our Plan Participants – another ArcGIS tool for viewing all communication and information in real-time that ERAC collects and maintains during incidents.

How Do I Access the ERAC Resource Locator?

If your organization already uses ArcGIS Online, this application is available for your use at no additional charge! Have your ArcGIS system administrator contact ERAC’s Geospatial Specialist Mike Wright at or 587-349-5884.

If your organization does not have an ArcGIS Online subscription, ERAC is working with Esri Canada (the organization behind ArcGIS Online) to provide and manage accounts on behalf of our Plan Participants seeking access to the ERAC Resource Locator. This will provide a more cost-effective way for your organization to access ERAC’s applications and content without having to pay for a new full subscription to ArcGIS Online. Contact ERAC’s Geospatial Specialist Mike Wright at or 587-349-5884 for more information once it’s available.

If you would rather self-subscribe to ArcGIS Online, contact Esri Canada for more information.

For questions or comments about ERAC Resource Locator or our plans to share additional content though ArcGIS Online, please contact

Plan Participants can look forward to a webinar in late January with more information and a demo of the tool.


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