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December 2019

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Carbon tax a grain-drying mystery

Entente de principe dans le conflit de travail au CN: « c’est ça que ça prenait » (in French only)

Entente de principe au CN (in French only)

CN Rail strike ends with tentative deal union, but fallout continues for farmers, miners

Canada's biggest rail strike in a decade ends, backlogs could nag shippers

MISE À JOUR 7 - La plus grande grève dans le secteur ferroviaire au Canada depuis une décennie s'achève, les arriérés pourraient inquiéter les expéditeurs (in French only)

Fin de conflit au CN: soulagement partout au pays (in French only)

UPDATE 6-Canada's biggest rail strike in a decade ends; backlogs could nap shippers

Canadian National reaches deal with Teamsters Canada to end strike

Situation 'critical': Local concerns expressed as propane supplies dry up

Why government and industry want us to view the CN Rail strike as a security risk

Garneau says talks, not bills, the best way to end CN strike as pressure rises

Federal government resists mounting pressure to end CN Rail strike

CN Rail strike puts Quebec on propane notice, but Ontario isn't far behind

Quebec propane urgency eases, Ontario's tightens in CN strike

What is really going on with the CN Rail strike, the propane shortage and Quebec's 'emergency'

Stocks of key supplied dwindle in Maritimes as CN rail strike hits hits Day 4

La grève du CN cause des maux de tête aux entreprises de transport (in French only)

The Drilldown: O'Regan expected to speak with Alberta Energy Minister later this week

Area MPs urge federal Liberals to end CN strike

Des solutions au transport du propane (Vidéo)

Heating fuel shortage looms as strike at Canada's biggest railroad hits third day

Les craintes à propos des incidences de la grève au CN se multiplient (in French only)

CN strike causing 'emergency' shortages in Quebec's propane supply, Legault says

Propane shortage looms as CN strike hits third day

CN strike means Quebec has less than 5 days propane left, premier says

Legault says Quebec has less than 5 days of propane left due to strike, appeals to fed

Propane shortage hitting Ontario and Quebec as rail strike goes on

Quebec running out of propane as CN strike chokes off supply

Crise du propane : « il n'y a pas de plan B » (in French only)

Grève au CN: Legault demande une loi spéciale au fédéral (in French only)

Grève au CN: les réserves québécoises de propane épuisées d'ici cinq jours (in French only)

Grève au CN: de nombreux agriculteurs en détresse en raison du manque de propane (in French only)

Propane-starved East's grain growers seek end to CN strike

CN conductors on strike

Farm dryer propane supplies slammed shut by rail strike

Propane shortage nears crisis levels in Quebec, Ontario

CN Rail strike and lack of trucking alternatives stoke forestry industry fears

Situation critique pour le propane en raison de la grève du CN (in French only)

U.S. propane bottlenecks not affecting Canada

Quebec's propane could run out in five days if CN strike lingers, premier warns

Grève du CN: nouvelle tuile pour les agriculteurs (in French only)

Deal with Co-op Propane beneficial for Grandmother’s Bay: Councillor

How the U.S/China Trade War Is Impacting PE Exports


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