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Locinox Updates Product Range with Stunning Innovations

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Locinox recently announced a multitude of newly engineered products in different product ranges. Two new gate closers and a new, easy to install mortise lock for 1-1/2" profiles have been added and new access control modules are available for the Locinox modular, turnstile steering mechanism. 
Trade show response 
"We have presented fully functional models of our new and redesigned gate closers on Batimat (Paris) and Fencetech (Nashville) and the early response has been incredible," says Rick Oleson, Locinox USA VP of Sales and General Manager. 
"Our clients are given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of aesthetic and powerful gate closers with adjustable snap shut, closing speed and closing force." 
New gate closers
The new Realclose features elegance, minimalistic design and an unequalled ease of installation. It makes use of the rotation point of the hinge and uses the hinge as a lever for closing the gate. 
Both Samson and Verticlose have been revised. They are both easier to adjust and install. The Verticlose now features a 180° opening angle and the Samson has been fully redesigned. The reservoir under the gate closer has been integrated in the main housing which has led to an aesthetically pleasing, horizontal solution for most gates and gate configurations.
Self-closing hinge
"For smaller gates we developed a self-closing hinge with a 180° opening angle. No hinges need to be installed and the bottom hinge is included when you purchase the Tiger gate closer/self-closing hinge" says Rick Oleson. "A fast and easy installation is guaranteed thanks to our patented Quick-Fix mounting system.".
Pushbar and Turnitec
New access control solutions such as the Pushbar (for easy opening of the gate with a simple push) and new electromechanical modules for the Turnitec (modular turnstile control mechanism) have been developed. With the new Locinox counter & passing light module you can easily create a turnstile which counts the number of passersby and which can steer and control optical traffic signals for an easy and fluent passage. 
The Pushbar is interchangeable with all handles with an 8 mm shaft (appx 5/16") and can be retrofitted on both Locinox LA & LF lock chassis. This aluminum, anodized Pushbar operates the daybolt when operated. The gate can be opened with a simple push.
"All our products are tested on a minimum of 500,000 movements and in cold environments down to -22° Fahrenheit. The use of stainless steel materials and latest technology in surface protection guarantee years of worry-free use outside of all our products. Want to know more about these innovations?. Feel free to contact our offices, our staff which supports 7 languages can and will help you." emphasizes Rick.
Locinox is an international trendsetter in the fencing and gate world. Their products are designed specifically for your sector where innovation, quality and ease of installation make the difference. 
Brand new USA offices ensure a fast delivery. The Locinox team is passionate and driven to make better products for the fencing industry, together with their customers.

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