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April 29, 2016

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Back in January, I asked you what you thought the future is for the CMP, how should employers be viewing those who hold the CMP, and how should the CMP be perceived inside and outside of our industry in the year 2020? I heard from many different viewpoints and many different views. In all the messages, three main themes stood out: The CMP program should be rigorous, relevant to the work we do, and drive value for practitioners and employers.

Rigor. Relevance. Value. Those three words have become the focus of our discussion at the CMP Governance Commission in our mid-April meeting as we set the strategic plan of the CMP program through 2020. These three concepts are the three defining pillars of the CMP program. Without Rigor, Relevance and Value, the CMP designation would not be sought by meeting planners or suppliers worldwide. Right? So what will these three pillars look like in 2020? How does the Commission, as well as the 11,000 meeting professionals who hold the CMP, promote these three fundamental elements of the CMP program?

For each pillar, the Commission was asked to consider a series of questions, which I’ve outlined below. 


What does rigor look like in qualification requirements, applications and exams?

How does rigor ensure that the right candidates earn the designation?

What expectations does it set for candidates and employers?

How can rigor be a filter without being a barrier?

What does rigor look like globally?


Do the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS) reflect the body of work candidates do?
How can the CMP-IS be dynamic, reflecting market needs?

What skills and qualifications does the CMP program need to represent in 2020?
Are we missing people who do the work of planning but are ineligible based on the criteria we set?
How does relevance get reflected globally?


What is the perception of value globally? By practitioners and by employers?

Does the next generation value certifications? 

How should the CMP be perceived outside of our industry?

How should employers be viewing those who hold the CMP?

What does value look like to the global community?

Just as I challenged Commission members to ponder and answer these questions, I challenge each of you to consider these questions too. What does Rigor, Relevance and Value look like for the CMP in 2020?

Drop me a line. Be candid. Help us all move the CMP program into the future by ensuring the CMP stays vibrant and strong.



CMP Events
2016 CMP Conclave Registration is Now Open!
Healthcare Webinar Series Part 2
2016 CMP Conclave Call for Proposals!
GMIC Webinar Series: Sustainable Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Fairs

Sustainable Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Fairs Webinar: May 3, 2016 11:30 a.m. EDT.

Join GMIC for a free webinar on sustainable practices for exhibitions, trade shows and fairs. Panelists include Tom Bowman, Founder and CEO, Bowman Change Inc.; Jeff Chase, VP Sustainability, Freeman; and Aaron Elliott, Project Manager, MeetGreen.

Learn about:

1) Best practices for waste minimization and management.

2) Working with exhibitors to achieve sustainability goals.

3) Examples of meaningful and effective community service by exhibitions.

4) Easy ways to incorporate sustainability in your exhibition management.

This webinar is eligible for 1 CE hour towards CMP certification or re-certification.

Click here to register.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Save the Date! Sustainable Meetings Conference
Did You Know?
In Depth
Best Practices for Hybrid Meetings – Part 2

Part 2: Hybrid Meetings, Risk Management and Flight Cancellations and Delays
Mariela McIlwraith, CMP, CMM, MBA, President, Meeting Change

About 15 years ago, I was working at a hotel in Albuquerque, NM, when the event’s keynote speaker called to let us know that his flight was canceled and he wouldn’t be able to attend the conference. Our banquet captain at that time came up with the plan for us to do the presentation via speaker phone, and we advanced the PowerPoint slides for the speaker. I can’t say that it was a great success (the sound in particular was pretty bad), but it was better than the alternative: no keynote. Fortunately, we now have much better (and often affordable) options available to us today to bring in speakers virtually from pretty much anywhere with an internet connection. 

Flight Cancellations and Delays: The Numbers

So how bad is the situation? It’s easy to point to major climate events such as January’s Winter Storm Jonas that grounded over 10,000 flights in eastern North America, but what about the average day? In examining the data from for the past 30 days, the numbers are really astounding and signal the importance for meeting professionals of having alternative arrangements in place.

Note: These numbers are estimates. They were generated in the morning (Eastern time zone) and may have changed by the end of the day. Also, global data is not significantly higher than the combined numbers for the three identified regions, so there may be flights from other regions that are not included in the data.

How Do Hybrid Meetings Help?

Hybrid meetings combine live and virtual meeting elements. They enable a live meeting or event to include a virtual audience or even virtual speakers. For me, the most effective ones also allow for real time, two-way interaction between the live and virtual communities, often through the use of social media. Hybrid meetings can help to mitigate the impact of flight delays or cancellations that result in speakers or attendees being unable to attend in person by providing an alternate way of participating.

How To Prepare

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a speaker being unable to attend your event due to flight cancellations, delays or other unforeseen circumstances:

  1. Select your platform in advance: Whether you are using one of the free services such as Skype or Google Hangouts, or partnering with one of our industry’s great event technology companies, have a platform selected in advance. Collect account names for your presenters in advance so that you can easily and quickly connect with them. 
  2. Check your bandwidth capabilities: Not all venues will have the bandwidth needed to live stream a presentation. To determine this, I recommend CIC’s free and easy bandwidth estimator. 
  3. Train your speakers: Provide your speakers with an orientation prior to your event. This is a great opportunity to discuss the needs of your specific audience so that the presentations can be tailored to them. Ideally, offer these orientations using the platform that you would use to bring them in virtually if the need arose and review the backup plan with them.
  4. Know where to go: Many airport lounges will have quiet areas or small private rooms where presenters can go to do deliver their presentations. Have a list on hand of where to go for the major hub airports for your destination.
  5. Pre-load your presentations: Ask your presenters to send you a copy of their presentations in advance so that these can be pre-loaded on your platform.
  6. Have a live facilitator: Have someone designated in advance to be a live facilitator for a virtual speaker. This person will be responsible not only for onsite logistics, but also for engaging both your live and virtual audiences and facilitating communication amongst them and with your speaker.
CMP Program News
Your Input Will Shape the Future of the CMP!

Your Input Will Shape the Future of the CMP!

CIC conducts a practice analysis study every five years to ensure that the CMP exam and the CMP International Standards reflect the current practices of meeting professionals. And we need your help!

On Tuesday, May 3, all active CMPs will receive an email invitation to participate in a survey to validate the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful meeting professional. Your participation is vital to the success of this project.  We will use your feedback/data to develop new blueprints for the CMP exam.  

This survey is being administered with the assistance of Castle Worldwide, Inc., a company that specializes in the development and validation of high-stakes exams. 

CIC thanks you in advance for helping ensure the CMP program is a reflection of the knowledge and skills you need to be a world-class meeting professional!

APEX - Standards and Best Practices
Free New Resource! RFP Strategy Guide for Event Internet & Communications Available Now!
As the complexity of Internet for meetings rises so does the required due diligence around sourcing of services, the price paid and the value those services bring.

Use this workbook to develop your RFP strategy around Internet for meetings, and guide the conversation with a venue about your event Internet and communications needs.

Find out when Internet needs should be determined and how to gauge the value of internet access to the event, in order to properly source Internet access. 


Information you provide to the venue. These determinations and details are required to understand the event’s needs and make sure the venues’ infrastructure is capable of meeting your needs and to accurately price a solution. 


Information you should receive from the venue to understand the capabilities and gain commitment on service quality. 


A strategy on how to negotiate and understand price methodology. Internet should be considered at the sourcing phase as much as possible. This presents the best opportunity to negotiate and make sure there are no surprises later.

Click here for the strategy guide

Industry News
CMPs Honored at PCMA Visionary Awards

Congratulations to all winners and finalists, especially these CMPs: 

Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees:

Johnnie C. White Jr., CMP, CAE, MBA – 2016 Meeting Professional Honoree

Janet L. Jakobsen, CMP, MBA – 2016 Educator Honoree

Professional Excellence Finalists are:

Event Designer of the Year:

Erin Vomocil, CMP,  Senior Manager Event Operations, UBM Tech

Meeting Professional of the Year:

Lynn Smith, CMP, Chief Planning Officer, AVID Productions

Kirsten Olean, CMP, CAE, Director of Meetings, American Society for Microbiology

Supplier of the Year:

Jason Lusk, CMP, Associate Vice President, Convention Sales, Visit Denver

Rachael Riggs-Nocera, CMP, Manager, Meeting and Convention Sales – Midwest/Chicago, Tourism Vancouver

CMP on the Road
CMP Preferred Provider Program Makes Finding CEs Easy!
The Convention Industry Council’s CMP Preferred Provider Program launched in February 2015. Since the launch, we have added more than 100 Preferred Providers who offer quality continuing education for candidates and CMPs. 

CMP Preferred Providers are organizations that have formally registered with CIC and are committed to providing education that aligns with one of the 10 domains included in the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS). The CMP-IS domains are: Strategic Planning, Project Management, Risk Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Stakeholder Management, Meeting or Event Design, Site Management, Marketing and Professionalism.

Preferred Provider education makes it easy to find and complete the educational requirements of the CMP program and have your attendance recorded in your portal record.

Claiming CE Hours

As part of the Preferred Provider Program, sponsoring organizations agree to upload the attendance roster of each of their pre-reviewed events. This usually is completed within two weeks after the event. If the email the attendee has provided to the Preferred Provider matches the email in their CIC account, their attendance will be recorded in their portal record.

After the roster is uploaded, attendees will receive notification from CIC that their attendance has been uploaded into their online profile. Once this email is received, attendees simply need to claim their CE hours. To claim CE hours, attendees log onto their portal account, scroll to the Add/Edit Continuing Education section and find the event. To edit the number of hours attended at the event, click edit and then add the number of hours attended for the entire event and click submit. 

Attendees do not report each session attended when claiming hours for a Preferred Provider Event. It’s easy! Find event, click edit, enter hours and submit.  

If the email address does not match the attendee’s portal account email address, the attendee can still get CMP credit by self-reporting their attendance at each session and uploading supporting documentation – proof of attendance and course description. The attendee can also reach out to the Preferred Provider and ask if they can update their email address so that it matches their CP portal account and ask the Provider to upload the updated email address.

You can find a listing of educational opportunities on our website.
Looking for Continuing Education Credits?

On The Move
CMPs On the Move

Mary-Louise Barbieri, CMP, CIS, was promoted from Manager, Planning at Wynford, to Director of EventSimple.

Sonya Easley, CMP, CMM, recently promoted to Senior Manager of Meetings & Conventions for Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Tess Gonzalez, CMP, has been promoted to Senior Registration Manager at Key Events in San Francisco, CA. 

Vanessa LaClair, CMP, is now the Executive Director at Empire State Society of Association Executives (ESSAE) in Ithaca, NY. 

Johanna Mansor, CMP, is now the Assistant Director of Catering at The Fairmont San Jose.

Maria Marchesi, CMP, has moved from the Conference Services Manager at University of Pittsburgh to Director of Meetings and Events with American Supply Association in Itasca, IL.

Annie Mullins, CMP, CHCP, was promoted to Director, Medical Staff Services, at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


Deborah Thomas, CMP, is now the Technology Implementation Specialist for Meetings & Incentives at Cadence Travel.


Amy Westerman, CAE, CMP, is now the Director of Programs and Services at the Convention Industry Council. 

Make an awesome career move? Let us help you celebrate! Send the details of your latest career triumph to And while you're at it, be sure to log into and update your official CMP record.

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