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Letter from the CMP Governance Commission Chair

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Back in January, I asked you what you thought the future is for the CMP, how should employers be viewing those who hold the CMP, and how should the CMP be perceived inside and outside of our industry in the year 2020? I heard from many different viewpoints and many different views. In all the messages, three main themes stood out: The CMP program should be rigorous, relevant to the work we do, and drive value for practitioners and employers.

Rigor. Relevance. Value. Those three words have become the focus of our discussion at the CMP Governance Commission in our mid-April meeting as we set the strategic plan of the CMP program through 2020. These three concepts are the three defining pillars of the CMP program. Without Rigor, Relevance and Value, the CMP designation would not be sought by meeting planners or suppliers worldwide. Right? So what will these three pillars look like in 2020? How does the Commission, as well as the 11,000 meeting professionals who hold the CMP, promote these three fundamental elements of the CMP program?

For each pillar, the Commission was asked to consider a series of questions, which I’ve outlined below. 


What does rigor look like in qualification requirements, applications and exams?

How does rigor ensure that the right candidates earn the designation?

What expectations does it set for candidates and employers?

How can rigor be a filter without being a barrier?

What does rigor look like globally?


Do the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS) reflect the body of work candidates do?
How can the CMP-IS be dynamic, reflecting market needs?

What skills and qualifications does the CMP program need to represent in 2020?
Are we missing people who do the work of planning but are ineligible based on the criteria we set?
How does relevance get reflected globally?


What is the perception of value globally? By practitioners and by employers?

Does the next generation value certifications? 

How should the CMP be perceived outside of our industry?

How should employers be viewing those who hold the CMP?

What does value look like to the global community?

Just as I challenged Commission members to ponder and answer these questions, I challenge each of you to consider these questions too. What does Rigor, Relevance and Value look like for the CMP in 2020?

Drop me a line. Be candid. Help us all move the CMP program into the future by ensuring the CMP stays vibrant and strong.




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