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The CMP is not a destination nor end result of our career, rather I believe it is the beginning of an amazing journey...
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Research and Trends
They say that time is money, and the advantages a professional conference organiser brings certainly saves you a lot of time. If taking the stress out of the planning and management process isn’t benefit enough, then financial management, supplier negotiation, marketing, promotion, conference management and venue finding, to name a few, should surely swing it. With the best contacts, knowledge and skills, you will find yourself in safe hands with professional organisers, leaving you to enjoy the process and appreciate the conference itself to its fullest and guarantee the highest level of satisfaction from your attendees.
Did you know that the Recertification Handbook is updated each year? Almost every year, there are updates to the recertification requirements, which most often are policies changes designed to make CMP recertification as easy and streamlined as possible. If you are recertifying in 2016, make sure you download and read the most current Recertification Handbook before submitting your application.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
CMP Program News
Are you in the healthcare sector and thinking about obtaining your CMP-Healthcare (HC) certification? Applying for the CMP-HC may not be as difficult as you think. The requirement for healthcare specific continuing education (CE) hours needed to apply for the CMP-HC has changed...
APEX - Standards and Best Practices
Download the APEX Housing & Registration Accepted Practices (including forms and templates).
CMP on the Road
As meeting professionals, we’re frequently on the go. Here are a few ways that you can improve the environmental footprint of your next trip.
While Wynn Resorts receives numerous accolades every year for the exceptional service provided to hotel guests, an equally impressive but lesser told story is taking place behind the scenes.
On the Move
Kirstin Reinhard, CMP is now the Director of Catering & Conference Services with the Brown Place Hotel and Spa in Downtown Denver, CO. 



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