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A game changer for industry safety

TEXO’s Safety First program is a revolutionary safety initiative intended to standardize safety training, while elevating the safety knowledge and performance within the commercial construction workforce.

Program will be available in English and Spanish.

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Regulatory Alert 

by Jack Baxley
Vice President of Governmental Affairs, TEXO

TEXO working in conjunction with our National ABC and AGC offices is committed to providing you the information needed regarding federally mandated rules and regulations affecting your business.

To review and gather working knowledge of several new federal rules and compliance information I encourage you to click here for ABC’s Regulatory Alert.

The Regulatory Alert provides an overview of the federally mandated rules, regulations and enforcement actions of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other federal agencies. The summaries of the issues with additional detailed information and guidance should be valuable as you conduct your future business activities.

TEXO staff stands ready to assist you with any local, state or federal agency challenge your company is encountering. Put your membership to work by contacting me at the TEXO office to learn how we can assist your company.

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Toolbox Talks

This week’s Toolbox Talks covers Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO), a technique used to prevent energy from being released during the servicing of equipment and is accomplished by placing locks and tags on energy isolation devices prior to starting work.

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More metros and states add jobs in latest year; Reed, MHC, AIA differ on starts

Construction employment rose in 201 out of 339 metropolitan areas(including divisions of larger metros) in the 12 months through July (the largest number of gainers since March 2012. Read More

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What’s New with AIA Contract Documents?

Members will receive an overview of the recent release of agreements and new guides available to AIA Contract Documents customers, learn about the forms most often used by contractors, and view a brief software demonstration.

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Davis Bacon Ins and Outs: Prevailing Wage Compliance Overview

Discussion will include compliance principals, allowable fringe benefits and correct crediting calculations.

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Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth

"Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth," will explain the value of and methods to achieve standardized processes to gain visibility, improve quality, and increase profits.

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