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The ASC Region 5 student competition is one of the most impactful events that the TEXO Foundation is engaged in. For our TEXO members, this is a great opportunity to see a glimpse in the future of our industry with the brightest and best students from the ASC Region 5 schools that many of our companies recruit from.
Innovations in mass timber construction are offering new opportunities for the building industry. This in-depth, multi-faceted workshop will explore mass timber from design through preconstruction, fabrication, erection and project close-out.
WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 19 | 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
WHERE: TEXO Dallas Conference Center | 11111 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75229
Vehicle-mounted aerial devices used to lift personnel include extensible boom platforms, aerial
ladders, articulating boom platforms, vertical towers and a combination of any of these.
This Toolbox Topic includes information on: outriggers, applied loads, fall restraint and positioning device systems, and employee protection in public work areas. 
Harrison Steck, P.C.
Griffith Davison, P. C.
Peckar & Abramson
What's Happening at TEXOWhat's Happening at TEXO
Join us this Thursday, Jan. 23 at City Works in Fort Worth for premier networking and industry relationship building. Pre-register until 2 p.m. the day of the event to save $20 off the walk-in price. Title and Cocktail sponsorships are still available - please contact Emily Baker at emily@texoassociation.org to learn more. 
WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 23 | 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: City Works | 5288 Monahans Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76109
NOTE: New in 2020, this event is closed to non-members, except for those attending as a guest of a current TEXO member.
Join us in a paneled discussion, where four leaders from within the architectural and construction communities talk through where our industry is headed with BIM technology. We plan to dive into the impacts it will have in our daily lives, how we collaborate with other disciplines, as well as how these changes will impact the finished product and our owners.
The program will present a custom program of study examining the key factors influencing leadership effectiveness and development for participants. It is ideal for experienced construction leaders making transitions to increased responsibility. It has been designed in the spirit of practicality and utility, and places great emphasis on the immediate applicability of the knowledge to the participant’s work effort. Successful completion of the program will give each participant the awareness and ability to be critically self-reflective and make an honest appraisal of their effectiveness. Additionally, participants will be able to devise strategies to positively influence their work groups and constituencies.
The Sphere of Influence - Field Leadership program will leverage your organization’s most valuable assets, middle leaders. They will build a growth path that is discoverable, transparent, and measurable.
At the end of the program, your middle leaders will become effective at:
  • Building an effective PM/Superintendent relationship and create communication habits to work well across generations
  • Having healthy and timely interactions to give/receive feedback, address issues and solve high-impact problems
  • Having proactive and practical approaches to reducing stress on the jobsite with team members, leading to a safer and more productive work environment.
Unit 1 Topic: Variation in Product Systems. This half-day, instructor-led course teaches the concept of variation. Following this course, you will be able to:
  • Define the different types of variation
    Explain the concept of throughput
  • Distinguish the concepts of throughput and work in progress
  • Describe the role of variation in production operations
    List sources of variation in construction settings
  • Explain variation mitigation techniques
  • Contrast variation mitigation techniques
Unit 2 Topic: Pull-in Production. This is a half-day, instructor-led course that explains the concept of pull as a means to reliable production workflow. Following this course, you will be able to:
  • Distinguish push systems from pull systems
  • Describe the impact of pull on production systems
  • Explain pull strategies in construction operations.
  • Compare batch-and-queue and continuous flow production systems
Looking to learn more about TEXO as a new member or a prospective one? Join us at our TEXO 101 Breakfast, where you will hear from TEXO staff, committee volunteers, board members, and more about everything TEXO has to offer. This is the perfect opportunity to find out whether TEXO membership is a good fit for your company, or if you're already a member, how to get plugged in at TEXO to maximize your ROI.
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Reliable Paving, Inc.
TEXO Challenge CupTEXO Challenge Cup
Registration for annual sponsorships for our 2020 Challenge Cup series are now available. Click below to learn more about the benefits of each sponsorship level and to secure your sponsorship today.
Available Sponsorships:
Platinum Sponsor – 1 available
Gold Sponsor – 8 available 
Silver Sponsor – 4 available
Bronze Sponsor – 3 available
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CompGroup AGC is a registered safety group formed to administer the workers' compensation program underwritten by Texas Mutual for building construction contractors that are members of the AGC. They offer expert claim oversight, specialized loss prevention services, including extensive practical safety information, workshops and special educational events. Call Julie Schatz @ 972-770-4444 or email the CompGroupAGC@RobertsandCrow.com to get information on how your agent can access this competitive program.
Through Reliant Energy’s partnerships with AGC Texas Building Branch, TEXO members receive exclusive benefits for using and promoting Reliant Energy for electric service.