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If you are a project owner responsible for procuring or executing health care or industrial construction work, you don’t want to miss this event! The exclusive ABC Users Summit brings together top construction users and merit shop contractors for interactive discussions about how to collaboratively improve upon the planning and delivery of high-quality construction projects. Plus, registration is complimentary for health care and industrial users and developers.


President Donald Trump has instructed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to give "targeted relief" from steel quotas to South Korea, Argentina and Brazil, in addition to quota exemption for Argentinian aluminum.


To understand why there''s a chronic construction labor shortage in Texas, think one word: immigration. Immigrants make up about 41 percent of the construction trades in Texas, or close to twice the share of immigrants in the U.S. construction labor force, making this region heavily dependent on foreign-born tradesmen.


The problem is "significant and widespread," and with projects being delayed and construction costs rising, the "time to act is now," AGC and Autodesk officials said.

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Forums play an integral role in bringing TEXO members together to discuss common issues, learn new solutions, explore new opportunities, share best practices, networking and relationship building.


Forums play an integral role in bringing TEXO members together to discuss common issues, learn new solutions, explore new opportunities, share best practices, networking and relationship building.


This is an instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency until emergency medical services arrives. Skills covered in this course include first aid for sudden illnesses, injuries and protection from blood-borne pathogens; choking relief and sudden cardiac arrest for adults. This course is for anyone with limited or no medical training who needs a course completion card in CPR and AED use to meet job, regulatory, or other requirements.


The TEXO Foundation’s operations support the successful workforce development and recruitment programs that are popular with our members — Educators Conference, Student Competition, High school programs, Scholarships, and Grants. This year the Foundation is spearheading a workforce development initiative to promote the construction industry and promising career opportunities for high school graduates, veterans, and other community members. All proceeds from the 2018 TEXO Foundation Clay Bird Shootout benefit the TEXO Foundation.


When: 9/27/2018 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Where: Billy Bob''s Texas, 520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth 76164

Failure to Lockout, Blockout, Tagout machinery and equipment before working on it is a major cause of serious injury. Lockout, Blockout means that any energy source – whether electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, compressed air, or any other source that might cause unexpected movement – must be disengaged or blocked, and electrical sources must be de-energized and “locked” or positively sealed in the OFF position. Even a locked-out machine may not be safe if there are parts of the machine that are not “blocked” to prevent inadvertent movement.

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You can get the best 401k on the market. 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, Superb Investment Options, Award Winning Customer Service, and Significant Fee Discounts.  For a Free Evaluation and a Free Compliance Checkup of your current 401k, call Steve Heussner, Steve@MogulWealth.com, at 469-450-4663 or Kirk Quaschnick, Kirk@MogulWealth.com, at 214-420-7152 and mention TEXO.

CompGroup AGC is a registered safety group formed to administer the workers'' compensation program on behalf of the members of the Texas Chapters of the AGC. They offer expert claim and loss prevention services, year-round training opportunities, on-site job inspections and other exclusive member benefits, including extensive practical safety information, workshops and special educational events.

Through Reliant Energy’s partnerships with AGC Texas Building Branch, TEXO members receive exclusive benefits for using and promoting Reliant Energy for electric service. 

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