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This November, Niagara Falls will be the place to be for all lovers of water!

Mark your calendar, for CWWA’s NWWC2023, the event for water and wastewater professionals. Right now you can submit your presentation proposal. We’re seeking presentations on all aspects of water and wastewater, so if you have an experience, case study or research to share, be sure to submit an abstract.

We’ve also added information on the conference hotel. Be sure to book your room early, to ensure you get the best rate. 

Want to know what the NWWC is all about? We have our past programs and recordings from our webinar series on our website!

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Health Canada released the draft guidance on sampling and mitigation measures for controlling corrosion in December 2022 for public consultation. The intent of this document is to provide responsible authorities, such as municipalities and water suppliers, with guidance on assessing corrosion and implementing corrosion control measures for distribution systems in residential settings to minimize exposure to lead. It also provides sampling protocols and corrective measures for multi-dwelling buildings, schools, daycare facilities and office buildings, for those authorities, such as school boards, building owners or employers, that are responsible for the health and safety of the occupants of such buildings.

CWWA’s Drinking Water Quality Committee reviewed the draft guidance and submitted substantial comments. Overall, the committee felt the document was lacking in many aspects including being overly focused on lead sampling protocols, it is sometimes contradictory, and not taking into account more recent research on the subject.

Mark your calendars for June 7-9, 2023 and join us at the Delta City Centre Hotel in Ottawa! CWWA is excited to be joining with Water Canada to host our Window on Ottawa as part of the Water Canada Summit. This event will have all the federal/national program and legislative updates our members expect from the Window on Ottawa, but this collaboration will also allow a deeper exploration of the issues impacting the Canadian water landscape.

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Member News

NRCan is seeking to develop an up-to-date estimate of the energy intensity for the provision of water and wastewater services, as well as an up-to-date estimate of the average variable water and wastewater service rates in Canada’s residential sector.


The Canadian Center for Cyber Security (CCCS) was established to work with CI Sectors across the country to provide continuous cyber security advice, guidance and services to improve cyber resilience.

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Federal Initiatives

Health Canada has published a consultation technical document with the intent to provide regulatory authorities and decision-makers with an objective for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in Canadian drinking water supplies.

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Provincial News

This proposal notice was updated on Jan. 30, 2023 to advise the public that this file is still under active review. The ministry is reviewing the comments it has received to date. The original proposal date and comment period have not been altered.

The discussion topics covered in the paper include:

  • reducing sewage overflows and bypasses, and public reporting;
  • changing the way stormwater is managed in urban areas;
  • updating policies related to the management of wastewater and the quality of Ontario’s water resources;
  • promoting water reuse in Ontario;
  • recovering resources from wastewater;
  • improving the management of hauled sewage from private septic systems;
  • improving financial sustainability;
  • improving public access to data on wastewater and stormwater discharges; and
  • making it easier to follow the rules.


Inflow of stormwater and infiltration of groundwater into sewers is a constant operational challenge, but a water utility in Norway is gaining better understanding of its network with an innovative digital approach, says Marco Westergren, chief analytics officer at water analytics platform provider InfoTiles.

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Snippings & Clippings

Bloomberg Law

Companies exporting virtually any product to the European Union must know if their goods have PFAS and weigh in on the region’s new proposed phaseout of those chemicals, which could greatly affect many US companies, attorneys said.

Associated Press

A West Virginia water utility is enhancing its water treatment process as a precaution following the derailment of a train hauling chemicals that later sent up a toxic plume in Ohio.

Water Canada

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada has taken a comprehensive and prudent approach to managing the virus, with measures and actions informed by available data, operational considerations, scientific evidence, and monitoring of the epidemiological situation and best practices both in Canada and internationally.

Water Canada

Hamilton is an old city with old city problems. The second city in Canada to create its own water system, Hamilton relied on lead water services in plumbing until 1955 and lead soldering until the 1990s. With 154,352 water service lines and about 20,000 homes built before 1955 that may have lead water service lines connecting the homes to the city municipal water supply, lead was a city problem that needed to be solved.

Water Canada

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of human-made compounds that are used as surfactants, lubricants, repellents (for dirt, water, and grease) and can be found in certain firefighting foams, textiles (including carpets, furniture, and clothing), cosmetics, and in food packaging materials.They are also used in a variety of other industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, and military. PFAS are made up of a carbon chain with at least one carbon atom that has two or three fluorine atoms attached to it, creating an incredibly strong carbon-fluorine bond that results in chemical that do not easily degrade in the environment. Because of this property they are known as forever chemicals.

ABC News Buffalo

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the city of Buffalo in regard to the lack of fluoride in the city's water. For nearly a decade, Buffalo Water customers have not had fluoride in their drinking water.

ES&E Magazine

A new series from Discovery Channel takes viewers on a journey through sewer systems in several major U.S. cities as they tackle clogs and broken pipes.

Highlighting the challenges of the dirty job, as well as the age of the deteriorating infrastructure, “Sewer Divers” goes to great lengths to show how workers keep clean water running and toilets flushing.

ES&E Magazine

The depletion of groundwater should be a wake-up call for Canada, where more than half of the population relies on groundwater for drinking, and for Saskatchewan, which is striving to double its food production capacity, a University of Saskatchewan scientist warns.