Canadian Water and Wastewater Association eBulletin

Sadly, this is not such a funny joke. One might have thought the Saguenay flooding or the Calgary flooding or the Ottawa/St.Lawrence flooding might have been enough to trigger major action on climate change, or maybe the repeated Okanagan fires, but the world still seems to be reacting at a glacial speed – despite the rapid loss of glaciers.  This past year, Canadians have endured heat domes, droughts and more horrifying fires before the incredible rains hit BC and then the East coast.


We all wish we could meet in person for the National Water and Wastewater Conference - however, the world wasn't quite ready for us, so we're hosting this years event as a webinar series from January 11 - February 3, 2022. There are some advantages to hosting virtually - hopefully members who can't normally travel to our events take advantage of this opportunity - maybe some of you will even join in from from beaches, ski hills or other fabulous locations.

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CWWA continues to work with a coalition of other environmental and non-profit organizations to continue to promote the creation of a national Canadian Water Agency. The coalition has recently sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau to encourage the new federal government to continue with their commitment to create the Agency and to suggest the appointment of a Parliamentary Secretary on Water.  We feel this would ensure that the government has the  resources and leadership in place to deliver on the commitment to form a Water Agency.


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CWWA will be hosting a virtual event  on Safe drinking Water and Quality Management for Water Utilities. This event will feature presentations from Canadian and international experts on safe drinking water planning. More details and registration will be available soon. In the meantime mark your calendars for: 

Monday March 21: 4-6pm EST
Tuesday March 22: 11 am – 1pm EST

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Federal Initiatives

The new federal government named and swore in new cabinet ministers just ahead of publication of the October issue of the CWWA bulletin. The changes were highlighted in last month’s Water Haller. Parliament reopened on November 22, with the speech from the throne scheduled for the 23rd. We’ll have a detailed analysis of the Speech and the governments priority in the next bulletin. In the meantime we’ve recapped the cabinet appointments below.


On November 6, 2021, Canada announced that it will allocate at least 20 per cent of its $5.3 billion climate finance commitment to nature-based climate solutions over the next five years. This represents more than CA$1 billion:

Water Canada

Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair confirmed that the Government of Canada has approved a Request for Federal Assistance from the Province of British Columbia to help with its response to extreme flooding in the province.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has shared a new fact sheet on the regulation of biosolids in Canada under the federal Fertilizers Act and Regulations. 

In addition to producing the Biosolids Fact Sheet, the CFIA conducted a survey  of beneficial uses of waste-derived materials in Canada in the spring of 2021. The CFIA has shared the finds and summary report with CWWA.

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Provincial News

The province is proposing regulatory changes under the Ontario Water Resources Act to exempt certain low risk sewage works from requiring an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). Among other things, the proposed changes would remove the requirement to obtain an ECA for: low impact development works located on single private residences; foundation drainage works; ultraviolet treatment to control zebra and quagga mussels in water pipes; and construction site dewatering. 

Water Canada

A report summarizing historical data on drinking water quality in New Brunswick has been released. The report, Drinking Water Quality in My Community, includes data from 70 New Brunswick municipalities from 1994 to 2017.

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Snippings & Clippings

Texas Public Radio

he San Antonio City Council has authorized the use of $30 million in federal emergency assistance money to be put towards past due bills owed to CPS Energy and the San Antonio Water System.

Washington Post

Deep lake water cooling (DLWC) is used to cool over 100 buildings in the city. It saves enough
electricity to power a town of 25,000 — and it’s so popular the city is pursuing an expansion.

The Hill

Top Biden administration officials on Thursday outlined steps taken to confront the increase in cyber threats against the nation, including through strengthening key critical infrastructure groups.

The Hill

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday announced a revised strategy for reducing lead exposure, with a focus on communities that have had a disproportionate amount.

The draft plan would focus on identifying communities with especially high levels of both lead exposure and blood lead levels. The agency would next develop national standards and guidance to address those exposures and enforce existing regulations.

The Daily Hive

A so-called sustainability bond issued today by the City of Vancouver will help cover new infrastructure construction projects related to the environment.

The bond offering of $100 million is the first bond of its kind for any municipal government in Canada, and it serves to reduce pressure on increasing the city’s user and utility fees and property taxes to cover costs.