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Ok! It’s time to get serious and book your travel to St. John’s and the National Water & Wastewater Conference. Everything is set for THE national water conference that is specifically designed BY municipal water professionals and FOR municipal water professionals. The conference kicks off Sunday evening, November 5th and wraps up after lunch on Wednesday the 8th. In between we have an exceptional program, exhibitor floor and the funnest networking of any event in Canada this year.
Toronto will be the site for the International Water Association (IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in 2022. Together, the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) and the Canadian Association for Water Quality (CAWQ) form the Canadian National Committee of the International Water Association (IWA) and have been campaigning for Canada to host this prestigious event. The IWA Board of Directors officially selected the City of Toronto and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre as the site for the biannual event and confirmed the dates of August 14-18, 2022.
With just a little over a month to go, before the National Water and Wastewater Conference, time is running out to register and ensure your place at this premier event.

The technical program is sure of interesting sessions, covering every aspect of water management, and presentations from researchers exploring the frontiers of our industry.

The 2016 National Water and Wastewater Conference was an enormous success, attracting over 500 delegates – including the utility leaders and managers that are critical to your business.
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Member News
It is essential for water providers and the urban water supply industry to have a detailed understanding of how water is used in residential settings. While water use in homes was studied as early as the 1940s, interest intensified after the Energy Policy Act of 1992, which sought to improve energy and water efficiency. This Act established maximum flow rates for new residential toilets, showerheads, and faucets. Later federal regulations included clothes washers. Water efficiency in homes has also been encouraged by programs like EPA’s WaterSense.
The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) is a key program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) that helps communities plan and implement sustainability projects, such as initiatives that improve drinking water, waste management and energy efficiency. In the 2016–2017 Annual Report, you can learn how the program supported communities of all sizes in fostering meaningful progress on sustainability. From funding innovative projects, to engaging peers in learning and networking opportunities, to sharing lessons learned and best practices, we proudly help Canadian municipalities from coast to coast to coast enhance quality of life for their residents.
CWWA member Barry Orr is featured in the latest episode of Sustainable Joe's podcast 2084
Join EcoFiscal October 2nd for a live panel discussion. Panelists—hailing from four municipalities from across Canada—will cover some of the key opportunities and challenges associated with implementing the 10 best practices identified in the report.
The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation and partners have released a new report Preventing Disaster Before it Strikes – Developing a Canadian Standard for New Flood Resilient Residential Communities. This report profiles 20 best practices to be incorporated into the design and construction of new flood-resilient residential communities in Canada.
Municipal water and wastewater services are vital to our health, the economy, and the environment. Yet many municipal water and wastewater systems across Canada face significant challenges. The prices we pay for these services are some of the lowest in the world and don’t reflect the full costs of providing and maintaining our infrastructure and protecting our water resources.
Federal Initiatives
On August 29, 2017, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced the launch of the Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results. Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, will chair the Panel which will also include academic, private sector, government, non-government, and Indigenous representation.

Preliminary 2016 NPRI Data is now available for the purpose of engaging reporting facilities to review their submitted data and signal any necessary corrections or updates. Reviewed 2016 NPRI data will be made available once the annual quality control process is complete.
National News
On March 10, 2015, as the result of the airing of an episode of Gold Rush – a ‘realtiy’ TV program which depicts placer mining operations - Yukon’s Chief Mining inspector received a complaint that Tamarack, Inc. as depicted in the episode - had poured gasoline into a dredge pond in order to deliberately set it alight.
Faculty of Applied Science/ University of BC
Tecvalco Ltd.
Provincial News
Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change recently announced that the province is investing up to $100 million of proceeds from its carbon market in the Municipal GHG Challenge Fund in 2017/18. Municipalities are invited to submit applications for the fund by Nov. 14, 2017. Selected projects will be announced in 2018.
On August 22, 2017, the Manitoba government launched public consultations on three new environmental initiatives designed to improve water management and modernize watershed planning.
Upcoming Events
Browse CWWA, member and partner events.
1st International Joint Conference in WDSA / CCWI in Kingston, Ontario – July 23-25, 2018
Snippings and Clippings
CBC Radio

There's a 130-tonne "monster fatberg" made of oil, grease, fat, diapers and baby wipes wreaking havoc in the sewers of London.

"It's not a nice smell. The way I would describe it is probably a mixture of rotten eggs combined with a nasty smelling public toilet," Alex Saunders, the waste networks manager for Thames Water told As It Happens host Carol Off.
Water Canada

The City of Vancouver and the Park Board have launched a free mobile pump-out service in False Creek to increase access to sewage disposal facilities and help improve water quality.
Water World

The nation’s first enacted law designed to prevent disposable wipes from clogging sewer systems has endured a preliminary skirmish.

The Council of the District of Columbia passed an ordinance late last year to ensure that "flushable" wipes really do degrade in sewers in a "low period of time." It required that non-flushable wipes be more clearly labeled as such. The regulation will take effect Jan. 1, 2018.
AWWA Public Affairs Advisory

Water utilities may be contacted by media seeking to localize a broadly distributed story on the occurrence of microplastics in tap water. The story – originally published by Orb Media – is being widely distributed through news media such as USA Today and The Guardian.
Water Canada

Every decade or so there is a global catastrophe that redefines the conversation about public policy. For those interested in coastal development and climate change, Houston, Texas and Hurricane Harvey is that event. An estimated 127 centimetres of rain has fallen on the Greater Houston Area—so much rain that the National Weather Service had to update the colours used to map the rainfall.
CTV News
A group of concerned citizens is calling on city council candidates to make fluoride a priority and some experts say they have seen a spike in cavities and dental surgeries in the city since it was taken out of the drinking water six years ago.


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