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Thursday, February 11 at Noon Central

1 hour CE for RN, CCM and SW


This online event is CMSA's quarterly member educational
presentation. Each attendee will need their own registration to attend
through their personalized link (found in confirmation) and earn CE's.

In order to effectively work with the aging
workforce, it is important to become more aware of generational
differences and tailor your approach to accommodate those differences. The
aging workforce, aka The Silver Tsunami, refers to the rise in the median age
of the United States workforce to levels unseen since the passage of the
Social Security Act of 1935. It is projected that by the year 2020, about 25%
of the U.S. workforce will be composed of older workers (ages 55 and over).
According to the National Council on Compensation (NCCI), older workers do not
experience a higher rate of injury than their younger counterparts. They do
present challenging differences, however, that case managers need to be aware to
assist in obtaining positive outcomes. Effective return to work strategies for
all generations include a better understanding of motivations, expectations
and generational differences.


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As we turn the corner into 2016, what are you focused on achieving in your professional life?

Whichever goals you've set for yourself this calendar year, CMSA's Annual Conference & Expo can make a difference in helping you to get where you want to be.

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asked, we listened!

CMSA now offers extra payment options including monthly installments, auto-renewals and two-year memberships. At the time of your next renewal, check out these alternative payment options. if you're interested in joining for the first time, simply choose your preferred payment plan at the time of joining. For more information, click the link below.

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The CMSA awards program was established to pay special tribute to those individuals or organizations that have demonstrated distinguished service to the case management profession or association management.

Each year, recipients are recognized at CMSA’s Annual Conference. Visit to learn more about the following awards and others, as well as the nominations process.

• Case Manager of the Year (CMOY) & Awards of Service Excellence (AOSE) - Deadline: Feb. 14

Case Management Research Award (CMRA) & Case Management Practice Improvement Award (CMPI) - Deadline: March 15

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Featured Article

Pat Stricker, RN, MEd

Senior Vice President, TCS Healthcare Technologies

This is the
third article in a series on cybersecurity related to the healthcare industry.
The first two articles dealt with the incidence
and impact of cybersecurity breaches
and the responsibilities
of each individual case manager
in preventing breaches. This article will
discuss the incidence and significance of "Phishing" and what you can do to
make sure you are not caught in a phishing attack. 

Phishing is a scam aimed at getting an online
user to reveal personal or confidential information for the purpose of identity
theft. There are three
types of attacks
. (click below to read more)

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Articles and Links

$157 million in funding will bridge clinical care with social services

The Department of Health and Human Services on January 5 announced a new funding opportunity of up to $157 million to test whether screening beneficiaries for health-related social needs and associated referrals to and navigation of community-based services will improve quality and affordability in Medicare and Medicaid. Many of these social issues, such as housing instability, hunger, and interpersonal violence, affect individuals’ health, yet they may not be detected or addressed during typical health care-related visits. Over time, these unmet needs may increase the risk of developing chronic conditions and reduce an individual’s ability to manage these conditions, resulting in increased health care utilization and costs.

Click the Learn More link below to continue reading this article from HHS. To see what case managers in our community are doing to eliminate food insecurity as a barrier to positive health outcomes, read the Community Collaboration: Carolinas HealthCare System's Carolinas Medical Center and Crisis Assistance Ministries article in the most recent issue of CMSA Today.


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Medicare Accountable Care Organization initiatives to improve how the health system cares for patients

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has
announced 121 new participants in Medicare Accountable Care Organization
(ACO) initiatives designed to improve the care patients receive in the
health care system and lower costs. With this announcement, ACOs now
represent 49 states and the District of Columbia.

"Americans will get better care and we will spend our health care
dollars more wisely because these hospitals and providers have made a
commitment to change how they do business and work with patients," HHS
Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell said. "We are moving Medicare and the entire
health care system toward paying providers based on the quality, rather
than the quantity of care they give patients. The three new ACO
initiatives being launched today mark an important step forward in this

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Industry Events

90-Minute Lunch & Learn Audio Conference

by Elizabeth E. Hogue, Esq. - Health Care Attorney

Thursday, February 4, 2016

1pm-2:30pm EST

There are
recent, significant changes regarding freedom of choice that all discharge
planners/case managers and post-acute providers, including home health
agencies, hospices, HME suppliers and private duty agencies, need to

An example of these changes is that all types of hospitals, including rehab
facilities and long-term care hospitals, are required to comply with CoPs for
hospitals for discharge planning. There is also a significant new
emphasis on collaboration with post-acute providers.

The purpose of this presentation is to address dilemmas presented by these new
requirements, including:

  • When
    does collaboration cross the line to free discharge planning services that
    violate the anti-kickback statute?

  • Can
    post-acute providers attend discharge planning meetings?

  • When
    can post-acute providers have access to patients and information about

  • In
    light of new requirements, what should discharge planners do when patients
    cannot choose?

  • Which
    providers are now required to present lists of post-acute providers to
    patients and when?

  • What
    is the appropriate role of preferred providers?

  • What
    about physicians who write orders for specific post-acute providers?

teleconference will address all of these issues and more with an emphasis on
recent developments and practical solutions to situations that discharge
planners and post-acute providers regularly confront.

CMSA members receive a 10% discount on this webinar!

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As part of the continuing mission to provide
access to opportunities that highlight the value of its members, CMSA is
extending a special offer to you on behalf of DecisionHealth.

The 7th Annual Case In Point Platinum Awards seek
to honor organizations and individuals who are improving the quality of care
throughout the care continuum, containing health care costs and educating and
empowering patients and their families so they are active participants in their
health and health care. The awards
provide an opportunity for those who devote their hearts and minds to the
practice of case management and care coordination to be recognized and honored
for the important work being done across the care continuum.

members are eligible to receive a 50 percent discount on application fees.
Click 'Learn More' to access the entry portal; clicking through this link
will automatically reduce your fees to capture the 50-percent discount.

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Supported by funding from NACDS FOUNDATION, a new eight-hour e-learning program, Comprehensive Motivational Interviewing Training for Health Professionals is now available. This training uses a sense-making approach (Berger BA and Villaume WA, Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals: A Sensible Approach, APhA Press, Washington, D.C., 2013) to motivational interviewing. The program can be completed within a three-month window and is approved for 8 hours of nurse, pharmacist and physician continuing education credit. It is based on the authors' 25 years of experience in teaching motivational interviewing to health care professionals. It costs $225.
CMSA members can receive a 10 percent rebate check by e-mailing their receipt to along with their mailing address. Go to: to register. For more information, contact To view an excerpt from the program, follow this link:

CMSA members: Save $300 on any of the events below when you use promo code CMSA300.

The 2nd Annual ACO Population Health Summit

January 27-28 Atlanta, GA

*offering CCMC Credits!

The accountable care model works to achieve coordinated, quality care through provider communication and collaboration. The ACO Population Health Management Summit brings together ACO executives to discuss best practices for increasing care coordination, preventing hospital admissions and readmissions, and improving patient outcomes. Learn more and register here.

The 7th Annual Leadership Summit on Hospital Readmissions

January 27-28 Atlanta, GA

*offering CCMC Credits!
Readmissions are one of the most expensive aspects of health care, costing hospitals an estimated $428 million in 2015. Finding the best solutions to reduce avoidable readmissions is one of the key strategies to reducing health care costs. At the 7th Annual World Congress Leadership Summit on Readmissions, learn best practices for reducing readmissions, improving outcomes and lowering costs. Learn more and register here.


The 9th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Summit

Feb 23-24 Washington, DC

The 9th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Summit will bring together executives from managed care plans, health plans and government Medicaid programs to discuss strategies for creating more seamless transitions of care, understand how the new CMS regulations impact their organizations,and learn ways to integrate LTSS and behavioral health services while managing the costs of care. Learn more and register here.

Managed Long Term Services and Supports

Feb 23-24 Arlington, VA

This summit brings together a variety of stakeholders including state Medicaid program officials, representatives from managed care companies and LTSS providers to discuss innovative strategies to address the challenges in the shift to managed care. Learn more and register here.

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