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CMSA blogs are written and contributed by a broad range of authors, from board directors and industry partners to working case managers and recent retirees. Find every perspective here!

"Hit the Comment Button" by Anne Llewellyn, MS, BHSA, RN, CCM, CRRN, CMGT-BC, FCM — Why comment on blogs, posts and articles? Read to find out. Then comment!

"In Recognition of Home Care and Hospice Month" by CMSA President, Dr. Colleen Morley, DNP, RN, CCM, CMAC, CMCN, ACM-RN, FCM — "Thank you to Home Care and Hospice practitioners, team members and providers for giving us this phenomenal option for our patients to meet life and death on their terms, in their preferred environment and respecting their goals."

"The Scariest Thing of All: Not Using Your Voice" by Susan Plough, MSN, PHCNS-BC, CCM — The importance of using your vote and your voice to create the change you want to see in the world - it's not Hocus Pocus.

"Nursing Leadership: Positional Authority Without Competence" by Michael G. Pringle, MPA — A challenge to examine effectiveness, perspective and commitment.

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