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Feature Column
HOREN recently released the new plastic foldable IBC (Intermediate bulk container) FruToCon330, the revolutionary new folding liquid IBC designed specifically for the efficient storage and transportation of bulk fruit and tomato products. The FruToCon330 with its 44" x 48" footprint addresses the issue of the tomato and Juice industry using outdated bulk packaging products, such as drums and wooden IBCs to transport their products. FruToCon330 features a hygienic ‘bag in a box’ system that allows tomato paste & fruit juice to more easily and safely hygienically fill, transport and discharge.
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Admix, Inc.
Capitol News
A California League of Food Processors-opposed bill that requires double the regular rate of pay for employees working on Thanksgiving passed the Assembly on January 27. While the amended version of AB 67 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) now only targets retailers and grocers, CLFP remains opposed out of principle.
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Downey Brand LLP
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is currently one of the hottest topics of discussion in the food industry and has generated new rules and regulations. Learn more about FSMA and how to comply with regulations at Food Processing Expo 2016 in Sacramento, Calif., Feb. 17-18.
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The UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology will host its second annual Food Industry Speed Networking event on Tues., March 1. This program was created to meet the needs of food companies seeking to connect with talented future employees and help students learn more about industry.
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Register for the 2016 Safe Food California Conference and Expo to be held in Monterey, Calif., April 18-20. Safe Food California is designed to provide a venue for our diverse industry to gather, exchange ideas and learn about the current trends in the industry’s food safety and quality practices.
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New Members
B & W Distributors, Inc. is a Master Distributor of Industrial Coating, Industry Flooring Systems and Personal Protection to heavy Industries. We work with plan personnel to develop the most cost effective coating solutions available for your specific project. We are certified Women Owned Business since 1995.
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Carollo is the largest firm in the United States dedicated solely to water related engineering -- it's all we do. Carollo Engineers provides a full range of planning, permitting, design, and construction management services to meet the water and wastewater needs of municipalities, public agencies, private developers, and industrial firms.
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Utility Cost Management LLC is a firm that seeks to reduce clients' electricity, gas, water, sewer and solid waste charges through the informed application of utility regulations.
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CTI FoodTech manufactures food processing equipment, especially peach and apricot pitters, and offers complete peach processing lines. CTI FoodTech is among the top world manufacturers of peach pitters for numbers of units installed, quality of manufacturing as well as being the only company that offers all peach pitting technologies.
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Stem automates electricity savings with intelligent energy storage. Stem’s fully automated solution learns a facility’s energy patterns and directs stored energy to reduce costs when they are highest. The system delivers net savings from day one and requires no involvement from building staff, no training, no maintenance, and no capital spend, freeing up resources for other activities. Learn more at
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Solar Electric Integrator for Agricultural, Commercial, and Residential Properties.
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The Wonderful Company is a privately held global company dedicated to harvesting health and happiness around the world. The company’s 7,300 employees worldwide are dedicated to bringing consumers everywhere the freshest, most wholesome pistachios, almonds, citrus and pomegranates; bottling the finest water and wines; and creating colorful bouquets that are sure to touch the heart. Its iconic brands include FIJI Water, POM Wonderful, Wonderful Pistachios & Wonderful Almonds, Wonderful Halos and Teleflora.
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